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2016 pool season means it’s time to reflect on the previous year and make those changes that were a passing thought in 2015.

Go Green

  • The use of LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than the previously used SAM lights
  • Salt Generators reduce chlorine usage while providing a great alternative to a sparkling clean pool
  • An automatic pool timer saves your hard earned money

Be Cleaner

  • Why not let an automatic pool cleaner, similar to the Aqua Bot do the work for you
  • Trim back any trees or bushes that are around the pool
  • Change filter media to ensure proper filtration

Go Healthy

  • 1 lap around the pool burns up to 500 cal/hr.
  • PLAY! Diving, swimming, treading water, water polo as well as assorted pool games – they are fun and the exercise is good for you!

Be Safe!

  • Consider a Pool Alarm, there are great products as far as gate alarms, poolside alarms or fun alarms the kiddies can wear
  • Install a pool safety fence from Guardian Pool Fence Systems
  • Teach your children to swim or take a class at the local YMCA
  • Hold a household Pool Safety meeting prior to every pool swim season.

As a pool owner as well as a pool professional, I have not only tried at least 75% of my recommendations, I stand behind pool safety 1st and foremost as a parent! Please be safe this year, stay healthy and most of all Happy Swimming!