Now, you have finally decided to hire a pool service company to open and maintain your pool for the NJ swimming season. As a pool owner, this is one of the wisest decisions you can make. A good, reputable pool company will save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

So now you go home, sit at your computer and do what most of us do…search Google! When the results are displayed, you are suddenly bombarded with pool company websites that claim they are “better” than the next, or offer ‘freebies” to get you to sign up with them. As a pool professional, I want to assist you in sorting through the fray and the easiest way is by asking a few simple questions.

Do they have a License to do business? Do they have the NJ Home Improvement Contractor License required by state law?
If a pool company cannot provide the NJ HIC License number or a copy of this License…DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR PROPERTY! Now this won’t necessarily weed out most of the pool companies found on Google, but a few, as well as most of the “lawn sign weekend warriors” discussed later. Some of the pool companies with websites will have their License numbers advertised, so make sure you check on this. 
Do they carry the proper Insurance?
If the pool company cannot show at a minimum Liability Insurance…KEEP LOOKING!!! Pool service may not seem risky, but it can be! Accidents do happen every day. Do you honestly believe that a company whom doesn’t have or cannot show proper insurance will come back to pay for any damage? I also have some prime waterfront real estate sitting in the desert for you. LOL.
How is their Customer Service?
Was their phone answered by a courteous, knowledgeable person? If you had to leave a message, was your call returned in a timely manner? Did the technician show up as scheduled? All of these may seem obvious, but the first time you meet will be the best service from the pool company. If you haven’t spoken with a courteous, knowledgeable person or your call was not returned in a timely manner, chances are the service will be about the same… BELOW STANDARD! Customer service is the #1 priority of any good pool company.
Do they look professional?
When they arrive, are there cheap magnetic signs, or no signs on an old truck or mini-van? You know for under $50 I too can be an expert at anything I choose. First impressions speak for themselves. Do their business forms have the company name, contact information and License information on them as required by NJ state law? Is the technician looking and acting like a professional? If any of these things are in question… DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR PROPERTY, and call someone else!
And Last but not Least…
Beware of the “cheap” pool opening or service!
If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! Have you ever driven down the roads in NJ an seen the lawn signs allover saying “John Doe’s pool service only $$” and a phone number? I know I have, as a matter of fact I passed more than 5 yesterday traveling from South Brunswick to Monroe Township NJ, and that’s only about 10 miles? Listen those signs are tempting, I get it, I love to save money too! But ask yourself this, why is “John Doe’s pool company” so much less than most of the other pool companies in the area?  Probably because John Doe doesn’t have most of what I listed above.
Just remember, your swimming pool is an investment and by taking the time to research a pool company, you can ensure many Summers of enjoying your pool in NJ.