Mother Nature has FINALLY decided to allow Spring to slowly emerge. It seemed she would never let go of the cold and damp weather of Winter.

So now that it’s warming up, it’s time to start up the Lawn Sprinklers for the season. Now begins the daunting task of scheduling an appointment, and if you don’t have a regular reliable company, you start calling all over to get prices. It seems that when you contact a Certified, Licensed Lawn Sprinkler Company you cringe at the costs being quoted to you, am I right?  I know I am as I get these calls all day long! Right before they hang up I hear “let me talk with my wife/husband, we’ll get back to you”. I know this means they will end up hiring a Non-Licensed person to take care of their system. I also know I will hear from them again!

Holmdel Sprinkler Repair | Lawn Sprinkler Company in Monmouth County


Day after day, calls come into the office with complaints that “the landscaper” or “handy-man” we had service the system either isn’t in business any longer, doesn’t answer their calls or did sub-standard work. Look at it this way, do you really think you can buy a Mercedes Benz for the price of a Hyundai Elantra? I know I don’t. Any reputable, DEP Licensed, properly insured company with employees whom have had extensive training will be approximately the same price. Now, can you get the work done cheaper? Of course, BUT is it really cheaper after something has broken and it now costs more money to properly repair? The answer is effectively and most assuredly NO! Now not only have you paid for the Hyundai but also the Mercedes! Did you really save money or throw it away?

Holmdel Sprinkler Repair | Lawn Sprinkler Company in Monmouth County

Be smart, save your hard earned money, have a DEP Licensed Lawn Sprinkler Company service your lawn sprinkler, in the long run I guarantee you’ll save a lot of money and time!


Happy Watering