2304, 2014

Swimming Pool Fence in Colonia, NJ

Colonia, NJ is a great town located in Woodbridge Township, and although it is a growing community, it still holds that small town charm.  Colonia is also home to Kelsey Grammer (the star of Cheers and Frasier) as well as Eric LeGrande (the Rutgers student whom was paralyzed.)

As many of the homes in Colonia have […]

1804, 2014

Swimming Pool Openings in North Brunswick, NJ

Before you know it, the over 40,000 residents of North Brunswick, NJ will be spending their warm sunny weekends with friends and family by the pool. Hold On! Before we get to ahead of ourselves, the pool must first be opened from the winter slumber before it may be enjoyed.

Opening your pool can be a […]

1304, 2014

When Is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool?

Well, its FINALLY that time of year again, and after the winter we had here in NJ, I say “GOOD RIDDANCE!” But with the warmer weather, the “swimming bug” will soon hit all of us. In fact, as I sit here and write this article the temperature is already 63 degrees and scheduled to be […]

1104, 2014

Pool Covers should NOT be used for Child Safety!!

This is a very tragic story.

April 10, 2014 Published by the Indianapolis Star Newspaper

AURORA, Ind. — Authorities say twin 2-year-old girls who wandered away from their southeastern Indiana home drowned in rainwater atop a neighbor’s swimming pool cover.

They identified the girls Wednesday as Jocelyn and Shaylyn Spurlock of Aurora, a town about 20 miles west […]

804, 2014

Sprinkler System Installation In East Brunswick, New Jersey

Located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, the township of East Brunswick has a population of just over 47,500 people. It is a little city that it perfectly sized, and it offers excellent, safe neighborhoods for families to live out the American dream in. When speaking of the homes and other residential or commercial real estate […]

704, 2014

Understanding Backyard Fencing

Privacy concerns, swimming pool requirements, and pet boundaries are some of the reasons some homeowners may install backyard fencing on their properties. They may simply believe in the old adage ” good fences make good neighbors”. It doesn’t matter what the reason, it is wise to research all local and state regulations before undertaking the […]

2503, 2014

Spring is here, make your backyard ready for the summer!

Spring is finally here! The flowers are blossoming again and it looks all so beautiful outside. It is amazing how fast this season flys by, and it seems you don’t even have enough time to enjoy it before summer madness sets in. The best time to get your backyard ready for the warm summer months […]

403, 2014

Spring Irrigation Start up Time!

There are a lot of issues that can happen after the moving parts of your irrigation system have been sitting too long in the cold winter air that has taken over this year. A very common problem is clogged/broken nozzles and the timer’s programming needing to be adjusted for proper seasonal watering. Your sprinkler system […]

2609, 2013

Have You Winterized Your Sprinkler System?

What happens if you forget to winterize your sprinkler system?
Well, if the winter was cold enough (and it usually is) the water that was left in the pipes will freeze and expand and many times, it will result in burst pipes, or the PVB freezing. The problem is that people don’t know it until they […]