1506, 2015

Pool Pump Problems – the 5 Most Common Issues in NJ

Your pool pump is one of the most important components of the pool’s plumbing. The pool pumps job is to create pressure in the pool, forcing the water to flow through the filter. Without a pool pump, your pool will rapidly become a scum filled swamp.

Unfortunately, there are times your pool pump will not work […]

906, 2015

Pool Myths…Busted!

“You’ll get sick if you swim before waiting at least an hour after eating”

” Chlorine causes your hair to turn green”

” Chlorine burns your eyes if you open them underwater”

I’ve heard all this and more, as I am sure you have also. The question is…”Is any of this true?” Keep reading to find out.


Wait at […]

2705, 2015

Pool Safety for Above-ground Pools

At Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas of NJ, we spend a lot of time discussing pool safety, this is the reason I felt a need to write this article.  A pool that is only 24″ deep can be just as dangerous as an in-ground pool. More states and localities are passing new legislature […]

2205, 2015

Selecting the Proper Fence to Surround your Pool

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has done a study that says nearly 400 children under the age of 15 annually die due to drowning in a pool.
Most New Jersey towns & cities require some form of fence surrounding the backyard or the pool area itself. You will want to check with your town for […]

1205, 2015

Pool Safety Rules Everyone Should Know and USE

If there is a pool in your backyard and you have children that live in the home or visit regularly, supervision is so important to a child’s safety.
We all know you cannot possibly watch a child 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Most pool accidents occur when children are in their own home […]

405, 2015

Pool Filters 101

It is essential as a NJ pool owner to help keep your pool clean. Proper circulation of the water allows the chemicals to keep the water sanitized and crystal clear.
There are 3 types of Pool Filters:

Sand Filter
DE – Diatomaceous Earth Filter
Cartridge Filter

Sand Filters

Sand Filters are the easiest to use of all the pool filters. Operation […]

2704, 2015

Is your Pool Safe for Pets & Wildlife? – How To Make It Safe?

Although pool owners need to have safety in mind not only for humans, but also for their pets and other wildlife that could possibly drown in your swimming pool. Approximately 5,000 animals drown in pools each year, that possibly could have been prevented by following some of these tips:

High risk pets – Why training is […]

2104, 2015

Pool Safety when Opening your Pool

Pool Safety is a top priority in the swimming pool industry as it should be. Each year there are many pool related accidents around New Jersey. Proper knowledge as well as the practice of pool safety may drastically reduce these accidents.

Many people feel they don’t have time to learn about proper pool safety, this shouldn’t […]

1404, 2015

Proper Water Balance After Winter

I do not know about you, but I am sick & tired of snow and being cold. It is time to think about warm sunny days and opening our pools. I AM SOOOOOO READY to trade the hat, scarves, gloves & boots for t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and sunscreen!

If the water in your pool was […]

1404, 2015

Pool Maintenance Myths

All pool owners have an opinion of how their pools should be cared for. This is because pools tend to be as unique as their owners – each one requiring different techniques to keep them clean and running properly according to features, environment, etc. Instead of giving you tips on how to maintain your pool, […]