Over the years, the thoughts, needs and design of pool fencing has changed. New Jersey is one of the most regulated states for pool fencing requirements, as it should be. Proper fencing around a pool saves lives! In the past, there were limited options available for a pool owner, but…NOT ANYMORE! I will explain the pool fences which meet the NJ pool fence code, along with the Pros and Cons of each.


ALUMFENCEOrnamental Fence
Also called “Aluminum fence”. This type of fence is very popular, in some areas, it could be called the most popular due to it’s style, durability and easy maintenance.
  • – Durable         
  • – Low Maintenance                                 
  • – Esthetically pleasing       
  • – 3 Styles pass NJ Pool Code   
  •  – Expensive to enclose pool area
  •  – 1 height option for pool code
  •  – Permanent structure around pool
  •  – Additional costs to landscape
  •  – Permits required – causing higher property taxes
PVC Fence
Also occasionally used around the pool, but mainly used as a boundary fence. PVC fence has 2 primary styles: Standard 48″- 54″ heights with solid or spaced pickets and a Privacy 72″-84″ with slats usually butted tight to create a solid fence. Many have lattice, spindles or ornamental caps on posts to add style.
  • – Great for Privacy                                                     
  • – Little Maintenance                                                    
  • – Many Styles Available                                  
  • – Meets NJ pool code requirements
  •  – Difficult to see into pool area
  •  – Gates tend to sag over time
  •  – Limited Color options
  •  – Permanent structure around pool area
  •  – Permits required – causing higher property taxes
4CBB36 gate w logoGuardian Pool Safety Fence
A mesh type of fence in heights from 48″-60″. Unlike the other fences mentioned above, this fence was designed to be unclimbable, and provide protection to your children or family upon entering the backyard. Guardian is the ONLY pool safety fence with a patented self latching, self closing gate design meant to be unclimbable. It is also removable in under 30 minutes by the pool owner.
  • – Available 48″-60″ heights
  • – Completely removable when not in use
  • – Unclimbable
  • – Light weight design enables use on any pool on any deck
  • – Can be stored in small bundles when not in use
  • – Compliments pool area
  • – Meets NJ pool code requirements
  • – No permits required
  • – Less expensive
  • – No Property tax increase
  • – Installed around most pools in 1 day
  • – Not recommended as a boundary fence
I know that by reading this article, I may sound biased towards the Guardian Pool Fence, but that truly isn’t the case. My goal in this blog was to give as much information as I could to you. I am a pool owner and mother myself and when I was making this decision it was hard as I didn’t have anywhere to go for the information. I ultimately kept the existing fence around the yard and added the pool safety fence around my pool, and haven’t regretted it yet!
I hope I have helped a few of my fellow pool owners and moms out there, providing information so you may make the best decision for your pool and family.