Oh No, you’ve opened your pool expecting to be able to swim in it and…

THE POOL IS COMPLETELY GREEN! It looks like the Swamp Thing could live in it.

DON’T PANIC! It is relatively easy to have a pool cleaned by the Professionals at ELSPS, however if you delay a cleaning, it can become a much bigger problem.

green to clean poolNot only is a green pool unsightly in appearance, but it is also a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes which may of course cause risk to your family’s health and well- being. Staining of the pool liner/surface is also a very real possibility, especially in a marcite/plaster pool. If staining has occurred, the pool will need to be drained and chemically treated to remove stains.

In most of the green pools we encounter there are only a few reasons this has happened:

  • Pool water not properly balanced
  • Pool not cleaned prior to closing
  • Pool Cover has rip(s) or holes allowing dirt & debris to fall into pool
  • Pool opened too late

The Professionals at ELSPS have become very efficient at correcting problems in pools, whom have turned green. Every pool is different, therefore ELSPS will customize the treatment of the pool based on the severity of the problem.

Pool Shock Treatment

Is the bottom of the pool visible? If you can see the bottom of the pool, a pool shock treatment will most likely be sufficient. Usually within 2-4 days with the proven ELSPS aggressive shock treatment, brushing of the walls and proper filtration and filter cleaning, the pool will be clear. Once the pool is clear and the water properly balanced, it will be time to enjoy the pool.

Complete Green to Clean Treatment

Some cases are more severe and may require a complete draining of the pool for treatment.

Using high volume pumps, the water is drained from the pool usually within a few hours. Once water, along with any dirt & debris has been removed, the pool walls are brushed as needed while pool begins to refill with fresh clean water. Once the pool is refilled and the filter cleaned, the pool equipment is started and the water will be balanced for pool bather comfort.

The Green to Clean Pool Service is available to:

Homeowners – whom may have attempted to clean the pool themselves. If you are not sure what to do, it may end up spending way more money than is necessary. Add to that your time and it may end up being more beneficial to allow a Professional at ELSPS treat the problem.

Realtors & Foreclosure Clean-ups – Having a green unsightly pool is aesthetically pleasing, even if the rest of the home & property is in pristine condition. Having the Professionals at ELSPS treat that unsightly pool will not only assist in selling the property, but also satisfy any constraints the mortgage company may place on a pool clean-up.

Contact our office for a FREE ESTIMATE on the proper treatment of a green pool and be swimming in a clean pool in no time.

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