Well Summer is officially in full swing. The kids are out of school, Independence Day has come and gone and for the next month or so its time to enjoy the pool before life gets hectic again.

I’ve heard some people say that owning a pool during the dog days of summer is a luxury that they enjoy immensely. I mean is there anything better than being able to escape the stress of the world in your very own private backyard oasis? But, I also hear ” who has the time to keep the pool and backyard spotless?”

Today’s families are the busiest I’ve ever seen (mine included) and a Swimming Pool Professional is probably the best way to keep your pool water crystal clear. Finding the right pool professional isn’t as hard as you might think and could save you time and money.


While it is absolutely true that pool chemicals may be purchased at the local big box stores, BUT do you know what the contents of these chemicals are? Most of these chemicals contain other chemicals that your pool doesn’t require as well as fillers to keep costs low. Some of these not only affect the pool water, but may be harmful to the pool finish as well.

A Swimming Pool Professional, like the Pro’s at Elite, actually use professional chemicals, which are not filled with extras and only contain effective sanitizers, algae prevent, water balancers and water clarifiers. By using the best possible chemicals, your pool water will be cleaner and a clean pool means MORE FUN IN THE SUN!

Storing these chemicals can be not only a pain, but hazardous if not handled correctly. How many times have you bought chemicals at the end of the season and stored them until Spring? Do you honestly think they are still effective? Most likely the answer is NO. Using expired chemicals usually ends up being more costly as well as potentially causing harm to your pool. Pool Professionals use chemicals that are fresh and of top quality, thus allowing the chemicals to do exactly what they need to do. Proper pool water balance will keep your pool water clear, clean and help to protect your pool’s finish.


Pool Professionals do so much more than just clean and adjust the chemicals in your pool. Pool Pro’s also inspect the pool’s integrity and parts. The importance of this is that the sooner a problem has been noticed and taken care of, the less costly it will be to rectify later on. Improperly balanced water can cause some of these problems. A good Pool Pro will be able to perform a leak detection if there appears to be a problem with the pool’s structural integrity or an abnormal water loss. A proper inspection by a pool pro can detect the need for:

  • Equipment replacement
  • Resurfacing
  • Filter and pump repairs
  • Valve repairs
  • Heater repairs
  • Plumbing repairs


Your pool should be cleaned and the water tested weekly at a minimum. Your pool pro has many responsibilities when performing the weekly maintenance on your pool such as:

  • Test and balance pool water
  • Shocking the pool
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning pump baskets
  • Brushing the pool walls
  • Surface skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Back washing and rinsing filter as needed

You can always ask questions and watch as your pool is being maintenanced, you did know that correct? A good pool pro will show you how to test your pool water with test strips and what to look for around your equipment pad.


Today’s families are so busy with their full schedules, they may not have the time to properly maintain the pool as it should be. Due to this fact, they may be sacrificing more than just the clarity of the pool water. There could be damage to the structural integrity of the pool itself. A pool pro that comes to the property to provide weekly maintenance will save you money and time in the long run. A pool pro can make that extra time, so that you can enjoy your pool instead of working on it. Don’t you have enough to do already?

Happy Swimming!