Maintaining proper water chemistry in your Hot Tub is NOT complicated! Hot tubs are made to be enjoyed, not to be constantly maintained. If you are spending more than 1/2 hour to 45 minutes per week maintaining your hot tub, your not doing something right.

I am going to let you in on a few tips on how to test and maintain the water in a hot tub. By following these basic guidelines you can be done within minutes.

As I am sure you are aware, a hot tub is HOT WATER and therefore a greater chance of skin infections and scale forming on the surface is possible along with the sweat and body oils. As more people use the hot tub, these factors cause the water to become out of balance.

By properly testing your water regularly, you will ultimately spend less money on chemicals, your skin will feel better, filter cartridges will last longer and your hot tub will stay cleaner.

Pick 2 days of the week to test the water. I like to test mine on Sunday and Wednesday, but any 2 you choose are ok.

Using test strips that test chlorine or bromine (depending on your choice of sanitizer) take note of the levels of the following:

PH level – 7.2 – 7.8 is ideal

If PH is low, use PH Increaser as per label instructions

If PH is high use PH Decreaser as per label instructions

Alkalinity – 80-140 PPM is ideal

If alkalinity is low use Alkalinity Increaser as per label instructions

If alkalinity is high use PH Decreaser as per label instructions (may need to adjust PH when complete)

Calcium Hardness – 150-250 PPM

If low add Calcium Hardness Increaser as per label instructions

Chlorine/Bromine – Chl 1-3 PPM  Bro 2-4 PPM

Add tabs as needed (even if hot tub has an Ozonator or a santizing cartridge, keep level 1-2 PPM)


On our 2nd test day (Once you have balanced the water chemistry) shock with spa shock.

By maintaining a routine of maintenance for your hot tub, the water should stay clean and clear until it is time for the drain and re-fill (which is recommended at least every 3-4 months.)

Enjoy those cool nights in your HOT tub!