green lawn

The unusual heat of Summer has come a bit early here to our lawns in New Jersey. Between the heat and minimal rainfall, problems and inefficiencies in your lawn sprinkler system are becoming prevalent.

When you planned on having the lawn sprinkler installed, the plan was to have even precipitation across the whole yard, well, that is easier said than done! Even with a perfect installation, there are other factors that may cause even precipitation to be challenging. These challenges include:

  1. Soil type
  2. Sun/shade factor
  3. Types of grass

Once the heat of Summer takes over (usually July & August), I find that I need a day of rest here and there as working 6 sometimes 7 days a week becomes tiring. I get a large number of calls when it becomes hot for “brown spots”, ” my lawn is dying” or ” my grass and plants are dead” from lack of water. It is difficult to take care of my customers as quickly as I would like, but at I we do my best.

I may go to a customers home with the idea that I may be replacing a sprinkler head only to find out, it is a whole lot more than that. This is one reason I try to allot more time than most service companies to each call as in the 25 years of business, I have learned it’s not always that simple. I also understand my customers time is very important to them and they also have busy lives. Having to reschedule another appointment to make repairs may be very difficult for them. As Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas wants to provide the best service we possibly can for our NJ customers, we try our absolute best to repair any problems found the same day.

Now, some things on your lawn sprinkler will just stop working with no warning, however most of these problems could have been addressed well before the heat of Summer. Planning ahead resolves most “Sprinkler Emergencies.” Scheduling your Spring Start Up in April will allow time to make sure your system is running properly prior to any unseasonable heat waves similar to the one we are currently having.  In late July or early August having a Mid- Season Tune Up can assist in eliminating “Sprinkler Emergencies” that may arise from not having lawn sprinkler checked out.

THIS IS BIG, HUGE IN FACT, before laying any new sod or grass, make sure your lawn sprinkler is working properly. I cannot tell you how many times I get the call “ I just had my lawn sodded yesterday and my sprinkler isn’t working, why can’t you come today?” Again I cannot emphasize enough the importance of FUTURE PLANNING.

dry lawn

Future planning along with some simple common sense go along way in keeping your lawn sprinkler in good working order and also keeping your lawn looking beautiful. Oh and don’t forget to treat your Lawn Sprinkler Professional in a courteous manner, it isn’t their fault your lawn sprinkler isn’t working properly. A bit of courtesy, rather than being inconsiderate goes along way in having your lawn sprinkler repaired sooner rather than later.

Remember plan for the heat of Summer before it arrives, as in the case of this current NJ heat spell, Mother Nature is fickle and can be unpredictable.