The Pump Strainer Basket, sometimes referred to as the ” Lint and Hair Pot”, is the part in the front of the Pump Volute. Inside this chamber is a basket that must be kept clean of leaves and debris at all times. This basket may be viewed through the “see through” lid of the Pump and should be inspected frequently.

However the length of time between filter cleanings, it is very important to visually inspect the pump strainer basket at a minimum of 1 x per week. If the Pump Strainer Basket is dirty, it reduces the efficiency of the filter and heater (if applicable) as well as puts abnormal stress on the Pool Pump’s motor, which can result in a very costly repair bill.


How To Clean the Pump Strainer Basket

  1. Turn off the motor
  2. Relieve the pressure from the system
  3. Turn the clam and lid in a counter-clockwise direction until it stops
  4. Turn the clamp and lid set in order to remove the clamp and lid
  5. Remove the debris from the basket into the trash and rinse out the pump strainer basket. If basket is cracked it will need to be replaced.
  6. Replace the basket, fill the pump pot and volute up to the inlet port with water
  7. Clean the cover, the cover o-ring as well as the sealing surface of the pump pot. Make sure to grease the o-ring with teflon or silicone
  8. Re-install the lid by placing the clamp and the lid on the pot, making sure the o-ring is properly placed. Seat the clamp and the lid and then turn clockwise until the handles are horizontal.
  9. Turn the power back on at the switch
  10. Open the High Flow Manual Relief Valve on the top of the filter
  11. Bleed air from the filter until you see a steady flow of water from the Air Relief Valve. Close the High Flow Manual Air Relief Valve

Check our Blog often as I will be adding Cleaning instructions for Hayward, Jandy, and other Pumps in the near future. Remember, as always if you are ever in doubt, call a Pool Professional.