Most pool owners in New Jersey think just because it’s Winter and that their swimming pool is closed, that the Pool Safety Fence cannot be installed. NOT TRUE!

But It’s Winter and the Ground is Frozen

Pool Safety Fence is installed into your existing pool deck or no drill pool fence is being used, therefore it makes no difference if the ground is frozen. For perimeter or boundary fencing frozen ground is an issue.

But my Pool is Closed and the Cover is on

Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas can easily work with this. As ELSPS is a full service company, the pool cover if needed can be removed, the pool safety fence installed and the cover reinstalled until you are ready to open the pool in the Spring.

The Cost of Pool Safety Fence is More than I Thought, It isn’t in my Budget Right Now

Let me just say that a child can drown in as little as 2″ of water. An accident can occur simply by falling into a pool, or on a pool cover when pool is closed. A child may drown in the precious minutes it takes to answer a phone, send a text message or check your Facebook page.  A child’s safety, especially your own is PRICELESS. However, I do understand the need for a budget (in this economy it is a must) and staying as close as possible to that, so why not have your safety fence installed during the Winter months? Usually the pool companies and safety fence installers are open limited hours and slower this time of year, as this is a slow time for them, some will offer discounts up to 15% off, depending on the area and when the installation is scheduled. Some companies may offer additional discounts on other services with a pool safety fence installation.

To sum it up,  and if think in a similar manner as I do, if you can keep extra money in your pocket, and have the peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family from an accident that may have been prevented, WHY WOULDN’T YOU?