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So you’ve thought about it, maybe even dreamed about it, maybe you’ve interviewed a couple professional landscapers and now your dream landscape project is finally underway! Woohoo!

Now is the time to stand curbside to ensure that your project is not just beautiful the day the crew leaves or when you put all your wonderful garden tools away in the garage BUT to make sure it looks as beautiful years from now. To ensure a successful landscape project, the number one factor is a question you should always ask yourself, does my changed landscape get adequate water for healthy growth? Is my sprinkler system going to get this project through the most critical times, the first year and every drought thereafter?

Changing the shapes of bed lines will beg for an adjustment to the spray pattern of the sprinkler heads and if the change is large enough, potentially moving a sprinkler head. Replacing old established shrubs with fresh new foundation plants dramatically increases the need for water the first year and thereafter depending on your plant material choices.

A beautiful and commonly used landscape design, installing a flower bed under the large tree in place of the turf, is one that will create an immediate need for adjustments to the sprinkler spray pattern. The rotary heads that once provided adequate water for the turf and tree may hit the small shrubs and flowers too harshly. Also, plants below trees require a great deal more water than plants independent of the tree. Large trees absorb the lion’s share of water and nutrients from the soil under the space of their canopy. Adding competing plantings is not a bad idea, but be aware that you will need to increase water to that area.

Renovating any irrigation system may consist of a few or many alterations, some of which have been explained above. Some of the most common we see in the field are:

  • Replacing or moving sprinkler heads to ensure peak performance
  • Implementing the use of drip irrigation for the purpose of saving water
  • Providing additional heads or zones, rerouting sprinkler heads or zones for proper coverage
  • Installation of a rain sensor for water conservation

Whatever your landscape changes may be – Update your sprinkler system and your landscape will thank you!

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