Sprinkler Spring Start Up


With the season finally changing and the temperatures in NJ rising, you will want your lawn and landscaping to be watered so that they may begin to regrow in a healthy manner.  Remember it’s not wise to wait until the temperatures have reached the upper 70’s and 80’s as the lack of water may cause damage to your lawn and landscaping.

By having a Licensed professional preform the sprinkler start up is important so that it may operate properly. A  trained professional will be able to determine if any sprinkler valves were damaged,if the solenoid is not operating correctly, or there is a leak causing water to run constantly making your water bill rise.

The sprinkler controller should be set for a time suitable for your needs based on weather conditions.  A rain sensor, if installed and working correctly, sends a signal to the control valve notifying it if it rains up to ¼ inch. This should keep the sprinklers from coming on if it is raining, causing the excessive use of water. After the rain has subsided the control valve will revert back to its original setting. Please note depending on amount of rainfall, system may not run again for up to several days.

If you did not have your sprinkler pipes blown out before the winter temperature dropped to a freezing temperature there may be damage to your sprinkler pipes, which may have caused your pipes both above ground and underground to crack needing further repairs.

A typical Spring Start-up by Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas may include:

  • Reassembly and mandatory yearly visual inspection of back-flow prevention device
  • Closing of system drain valves
  • Reopen shut off valves to system, checking for any visible leaks
  • Make any necessary head adjustments
  • Program timer according to current season
  • Visually check for leaks
  • Check rain sensor (if applicable)
  • Test system electronically
  • Check each individual zone for leaks, broken heads, line restrictions and make necessary adjustments
  • Set controller as needed for current conditions
  • To ensure proper start up of your irrigation system, any missing or damaged parts will be replaced at our technician’s discretion (part(s) and repair fees apply)

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to schedule your appointment. Spring Start Ups on systems with a single connection up to 8 zones start at $80 plus $5 each additional zone.

 Customer’s responsibility: Please see Terms & Conditions

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