winterize sprinkler system new jerseySPRINKLER WINTERIZATIONS,NJ

In New Jersey, all sprinkler systems need to be winterized (or have a sprinkler closing performed) as early in the fall as possible starting in early October. The reason that your sprinkler needs to be winterized is because any water that is left in the sprinkler lines can freeze. This can cause major damage to the entire system including but not limited to the cracking and splitting of the pipes. If the system sustains this kind of freeze damage, the repairs can be very costly and extensive, sometimes in the case of extreme winter weather the damage may be beyond repair.

The professional way that we winterize your sprinkler system is by using a commercial, high volume air compressor. Air is pushed through the lines at low pressure ensuring that all sprinkler parts, are free of water. Winterizing your system will give you the peace of mind that you will have a sprinkler system, ready to be reopened in the spring.

What Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas will do during winterizations:

  • Close down all water sources to irrigation system
  • Via air compressor remove water from all mains, laterals, heads and valves.
  • Disassemble backflow preventer as per manufacturer specifications
  • Turn controller off
  • To ensure proper winterization of your irrigation system,, any missing or damaged parts will be replaced at our technician’s discretion and customer shall be charged for the cost of the part(s) and repair.

Elite winterizes the customer’s irrigation system. Elite does not warranty any sprinkler plumbing or parts as we are unaware of how your sprinkler was constructed. Elite is not liable for damages beyond our control due to natural causes, freezing, normal wear & tear, or neglect. We will not assume responsibility due to winter damage. Elite will not perform any extensive repairs at the time of winterization, unless system cannot be properly winterized. We will inform customer of the necessary repairs in writing; it will be the customers responsibility to schedule an appointment with ELSPS to make all necessary repairs. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.




NJ HIC LICENSE # 13VH06884300