Although pool owners need to have safety in mind not only for humans, but also for their pets and other wildlife that could possibly drown in your swimming pool. Approximately 5,000 animals drown in pools each year, that possibly could have been prevented by following some of these tips:

High risk pets – Why training is important

Pets that are older, less athletic, cannot swim or are blind are at the highest risk. Most dogs are able to swim at least a short distance, but panic can lead to exhaustion and death.

Pets or animals that wander into your yard or that are visiting are at a higher risk as thy may not be used to swimming and may not be able to locate an exit. Any pet in a home with a pool should be trained to swim or at least find an exit. It is absolutely worth the 15 minutes it will take.

I had a Rottweiler named Brutas, whom I knew wasn’t fond of the water as I tried to get him comfortable around it but was repeatedly unsuccessful. As safe as I tried to be 1 day a friend of mine and the children were enjoying the pool on a beautiful sunny day and an accident happened. Brutas had suddenly become very protective around the sliding board at the pool (there was a hornets nest) and in warning the children he fell into the pool’s deep end. My friend and I jumped into the pool fully clothed to help him as he immediately panicked. I knew he would never make it to the pool steps, he was way to scared, I also knew we weren’t strong enough to lift his 130lb panicked body from the pool so we decided after what felt like forever (less than 2 minutes) we were able to wedge a pool float under his body and lead him to the side of the pool where he could jump out. Imagine if we hadn’t been outside and near the pool? Needless to say, even though I was told Basset Hounds absolutely cannot swim, I taught my girl Princess as a puppy where the steps were in the pool just in case she ever fell in. By the way Basset Hounds can swim, not well but just enough.

IMAG0069-2 Brutas  RIP 2011  pretty5114 Princess

Wildlife often found in pools

Deer are the most commonly found as they become easily spooked and run right into the pool. Other wildlife found in pools are rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunk, moles, mice, frogs and my personal favorite (NOT) snakes.

Keeping a well maintained pool safety fence around the pool is the best layer of protection for pets and wildlife.


Any responsible pet owner whom has a pool should have a fence that surrounds the pool separately from the backyard. The most cost effective is the removable pool safety fence. Having a fence around your pool offers year round protection for your pet as well as neighbors pets and the local wildlife.

Safety Covers

The next safety feature every pet parent should have is a safety cover, especially if your pool isn’t separately fenced in. I can’t imagine having to tell my family that one of our girls (Princess or Skittles) had drowned by falling into the pool and being trapped under the pool cover.

DSCF0732 Skittles

The safety of a loved one whether they be human or animal…. is PRICELESS. Now is the time to ensure your pool is safe for your family, pets, community and local wildlife.