Spring has finally Sprung in Freehold NJ, the home ofFreehold Raceway Park and that means it is time to start thinking about getting your sprinkler systems up and running for the 2014 season. Your system has sat dormant for the entire winter and it is ready to be turned on and tuned up!

The licensed professionals at Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas have the expertise to get your system started up and running properly after the long cold winter.

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Once you have turned on your system and tuned it up, you may want to start thinking of updating your system with some of the latest conservation products designed to help save you money this season as well as in the future. Here are some suggestions:

  • Rain Sensor – There is nothing more embarrassing, more wasteful or more costly, than an irrigation system that runs when it doesn’t have to…in the rain. A rain sensor provides the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from turning on during or after precipitation. It installs on any automatic system, then shuts sprinklers off in a storm and keeps them off, automatically compensating for the amount of fallen rain, and they are available wireless.
  • Solar Sync – If you have an existing Hunter controller, this module simply piggy backs onto the existing controller and automatically adjusts your sprinkler’s run times every day. What this meas is that whatever the weather is doing outside, your controller knows and only applies as much water as your lawn and landscape need. If you do not have a Hunter controller, no worries, Elite can simply upgrade our existing controller and add the Solar sync at the same time.

Brands that Elite service & install include:

  • Toro
  • Hunter
  • Rain Bird
  • Weathermatic
  • Krain

Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas is a fully licensed, insured and family-owned and operated business in NJ. Elite is celebrating 25 years of professional service and look forward to working with you this season and in the future.