If you are using an insulated spa cover, your not just keeping the outside elements from getting into your spa. A well insulated spa cover will do a good job of trapping the heat that the spa heater generates as well as reducing evaporation. Also by blocking the UV rays, the spa cover will help reduce chemical costs. Not to forget one the most important features, when spa cover properly secured, it will protect against a child or pet accidentally having access to the spa where a drowning could potentially occur.

How Long Should My Spa Cover Last?

A spa cover usually with proper care last 3-5 years, sometimes longer. If any holes or cracks appear in the inner foam core, you can begin shopping for a new spa cover. The most common spa cover failure is when the water has been absorbed to the point that the cover itself is hard to maneuver.

Is it Possible to Increase the Life Span of My Spa Cover?

When a spa cover is properly maintained and cared for you should be able to prolong the lifespan of your spa cover. Proper maintenance includes periodic cleaning and conditioning, gentle handling, use of a spa cover caddy, keeping children and large pets off top of cover and prompt removal of snow will all prolong the life of your spa cover. DO NOT place heavy bricks or other objects on spa cover to secure cover as this will damage the cover as well as void any warranty you may have.

Spa Cover Measuring Tips

To properly measure for your new spa cover, you will need the following:

  • Real tape measure, NO RULERS
  • Name of Manufacturer and Model of spa along with approximate age of spa

Measure the spa from the outside edge to the outside edge of where the spa cover needs to protect. DO NOT measure your old spa cover or the spa shell.

If your spa has rounded corners, these tend to be the easiest to measure as you only need diameter or overall width. Double check your measurements as this will ensure accuracy that the spa is truly round.

If your spa has square corners, (rare but they are out there), measure from the outside corner to the outside corner and record measurements. DO NOT mistake shape of the spa skirting for determining if spa is square. Again always double check your measurements for accuracy.

Options for Your New Spa Cover

The skirt of the spa cover is the fabric that hangs over the side of the spa, standard is 4″. If you would like this longer, it may be made as long as 10″, most do not ask for this as it is an up-charge, but I wanted to make you aware of the option. Some say the longer skirt has a better heat trapping advantage. In my experience the longer skirting assists in blocking the wind which can strain and possibly break the  spa cover’s strap locks. Additional spa cover straps with locks may also be added for additional protection against wind and accidental entrance of children. Most manufacturer’s offer a thicker foam insert for additional protection from the absorption of water.

Of course there are more than 14 colors available to choose from for the outside vinyl of the spa cover. The most common of course are tan, chocolate brown and grey.

What is the Usual Time Frame to Receive my Spa Cover?

Every spa cover is made to the specifications provided at the time of the order. Spa covers are made to order, most distributors do not have a stock of covers lying around. Once the order has been placed the manufacturing of cover (unless specialty color requested) is usually completed within 2-3 weeks. As delivery is usually done by trucking company depending on conditions it may be up to a week for delivery. So a safe estimated is 4-5 weeks for most spas. Remember, if the measurements are incorrect, the spa cover may not fit correctly, always double check your measurements. If you know manufacturer, model and age of spa, this makes ordering more accurate.

As always, the knowledgeable staff at Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools and Spas is here to offer assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office (732) 257-0702, we are happy to help!