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Middlesex county New Jersey is right in the middle of the state. There are over eight hundred thousand people living in that area, right near the turnpike especially. People in this area tend to be from rather rich neighborhoods overall. It’s in the top ten richest areas in the state, for example. The county is growing all around at a quick rate.

The problem with all of this growth is that there isn’t always a lot of companies out there able to handle lawn services for all of the new homes that are cropping up. Fortunately, there are a few that are more than up to the task, such as Elite Lawns Sprinklers Pools & Spas in the Middlesex county area. We have a great experience to serve your needs.

Our services in Middlesex County include:

Sprinkler Winterization– It is actually really important to make sure that your sprinklers are all set for the winter. It’s not like you’re going to use them in the winter, after all, and if you don’t take steps to ensure that the sprinkler systems you have installed are ready for the winter, they could freeze and do considerably damage to themselves and the surrounding infrastructure.

Weekly Service– We also have a Butler Pool Service where we come out to your house weekly to help you make sure your  pool is up to snuff in terms of maintenance and the way that it looks. If you are signed up for our Butler service and there is  problem with your sprinkler system, we can check that for you on the same day.

Pool Openings– This can help you open your pool for the season, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and saving you from the hassle of having to do this process all by yourself. It can be involved depending on the pool and approach used.

Sprinkler Openings– Opening and installation of sprinklers for the season is another service we offer.