Now that spring is in high blast and summer is approaching, you will need to start thinking about lawn irrigation. Are your sprinklers all running up to par? Maybe, you’re not sure if you are in need of sprinkler repair service. Here are a few signs that you may need your sprinkler repaired.

Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

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  • Leaking Around Sprinkler Valves – A leaking sprinkler valve is a fairly obvious sign that you are in need of immediate sprinkler repair. A leaking valve could be caused by several problems, and is thusly best diagnosed and repaired by a professional. Having a valve repaired as soon as you notice it leaking can be vital in ensuring that you do not waste water in your yard as well as in ensuring that your sprinkler system is functioning properly.
  • A Valve Isn’t Coming On – A sprinkler valve that is not working is a sure sign that your sprinkler system is in need of maintenance, however, it is a sign that often goes unnoticed. A valve that is not functioning can quickly lead to dead patches in your yard. This can make observing or testing your sprinkler system once a week vital. By doing so you will be able to catch problems in your sprinkler system before they turn into more serious issues.
  • Dead Patches in Your Yard – Another sign that you may need sprinkler repair is if you notice dead patches growing in your yard. Many sprinkler issues can cause brown patches in one’s yard including misdirected valves or insufficient water pressure. Both of these issues could cause areas of your yard to not be covered by your sprinklers. For this reason, if you notice dead patches in your yard it would be a good idea to have your sprinkler system looked at by a professional.

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