I wanted to add a couple more Pool FAQ’s that I have come across recently.

Question: Why doesn’t my Pool Cleaner Seem to be Working?

Answer : Your Pool Cleaner may not be working correctly because there is a problem in your system which could be, no suction, a valve isn’t set correctly, the impeller could be clogged or possibly the impeller flow. However these issues aren’t the norm.

Usually it is simply that there are a bunch of leaves or even a rock could be wedged in the cleaner and this is preventing it from moving. What I recommend is, shutting off the equipment, if you haven’t already remove the cleaner from the pool, check the bottom of the cleaner for any blockages or obstructions, remove if necessary. If there was a blockage, you can now re-submerge your cleaner back into the pool, turn on pump (allow it to prime) then check to see if cleaner is working. It should be. If it isn’t, it may be caused by one of the problems I listed above or it may just need new parts.


Question: I Have Been Told I Should Change the Water in my Pool, Is this True and How Often Should this be Done?

Answer : As minerals from evaporation and chemicals build up in the pool water, so do the levels of dissolved solvents in the water. It becomes difficult to maintain the proper water balance after a period of time and may also cause staining. I have found this is usually about every 5 -6 years.


Question : How Come My Pool doesn’t Seem to Have Adequate Suction?

Answer : This happens to be one of the most common questions I am asked. The answer can be one of many or just a combination of several things. I will list below the most common reasons for poor suction.

  • The return lines may have accidentally been turned off
  • The pool cleaner could possibly be clogged with dirt or debris
  • The O-ring from lid could be damaged or missing
  • The pool pump lid may be missing
  • There could be a leak in the suction side plumbing of the pool
  • The pool pump may need to be replaced
  • The pool cleaner hoses may have a leak causing air intake
  • If your pressure gauge is reading above normal, you may have a restriction on the high side
  • The pool filter may be obstructed, have a faulty backwash valve which is preventing water from going through


Question : Why Does My Pool Motor Seem So Loud?

Answer : Well this is another question that has multiple possible causes.

  • Check your pump basket, it may not be full of water
  • The bearings in the motor may be worn out
  • There could be air trapped in the filter
  • The impeller could be jammed
  • The pop up assembly  gear may not be working
  • The pool may have a suction side leak
  • Sometimes, the suction on the pump is weak or the pool cleaner is causing too much load


Question: How Often Does the Salt Cell in My Salt Generator Need to be Cleaned?

Answer : If by chance you do not have a self- cleaning unit, then you will want to clean the cell weekly. If your unit is self – cleaning, then you will want to clean it every 2 to 3 weeks. When you see a white build up this will require someone’s attention. If you are currently a weekly client of Elite’s Butler Service, this service will be performed automatically. If you happen to clean your own cells, you will need to mix muriatic acid (approx 10 %) with enough water to submerge the cells and soak for about 20 minutes.


If at any time you have any questions about any of the above or need a pool professional to assist you, Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas knowledgeable staff will be glad to help!

Happy Swimming!