Unfortunately, Summer is almost over in New Jersey. Part of owning a pool is preparing for those months that the pool will not be used do to cold weather. In New Jersey, we must Winterize or “Close” our pools. This can easily be done by following this checklist as a guideline.

  1. Inspect the Pool structure and equipment for ay signs of cracks, leaks or mechanical failures.
  2. Vacuum the Pool thoroughly
  3. Balance the Pool Water Chemistry
  4. Shock the pool and add Winter Algeacide- Do NOT use a floater as this may stick against the wall of your pool and can stain or bleach your pool wall, especially a vinyl liner.
  5. Remove all accessories from pool, this includes automatic cleaners, ladders, skimmer baskets, handrails, etc.
  6. Lower water level 4-6″ below skimmer for a vinyl liner pool and 1′ below tile line in a concrete pool.
  7. Drain water from pump, filter, chlorinator, heater, water features, etc. LEAVE NO WATER IN PLUMBING LINES!
  8. Cover Pool with a winter cover that is in good condition.
  9. Make sure all accessories not being used are properly stored away.
  10. Dispose of any unused chemicals as they generally lose strength after a season as well as cause a safety hazard if not handled properly at all times.

Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas does not guarantee against any damages to your pool or its equipment due to improper closing, acts of nature, severe weather, winter maintenance or negligence by the pool owner. These tips are suggestions only and we at Elite suggest always that pool/and equipment manufacturer’s instructions be followed as instructed in their manuals. If you are unsure how to winterize your pool or whether you have performed this properly, do not hesitate to contact a pool professional.