For inground swimming pools in the state of New Jersey,  a fence is a must. Fences can also provide a sense of privacy that’s important to many people as they lounge around the swimming pool in their bathing suits. Before making a decision, do your homework and look over as many pool fencing ideas as you can.

Removable Pool Safety Fencing vs Permanent Fencing

If you don’t want a permanent fence on your property, you can get a removable pool fence to make your pool safe as well as code compliant during the swimming season. These fences can typically be put up or taken down in less than an hour, which makes it very convenient to simply store them away when you close the pool for the season. These removable fences are durable and may be left up even when pool closed to protect a child from falling into the pool cover. Alot of people also use them as an extra level of security for young kids, removing them when the children grow older and are able to swim.

Removable fencing is great for people who are only concerned with pool safety, even if there is a fence surrounding your yard. However, if you’re looking for something that provides privacy and/or an attractive appearance, there’s no substitute for a permanent fence.

What Are Your Pool Fencing Goals

The type of pool fence you get should be based on your goals and their importance to you. Obviously you need something that complies with local building codes. Beyond that, some of the goals you may have for your pool fence may include:

  1. Safety. For a safety pool fence that goes beyond minimum standards, you want a surface that doesn’t provide a foothold or frame for anyone who might attempt to climb it. You’ll also want a gate that locks and is self closing, with a latch that’s unreachable by small children. To top it off, you may also want to invest in a pool alarm to alert you whenever a child or pet may get close to the pool or fall into the water.
  2. Privacy. If you’re concerned with privacy, look for something like a PVC fence that completely blocks outsiders from seeing the pool area. As a side bonus, privacy fences also improve safety, as children aren’t as tempted to wander into your yard if they can’t see the pool.
  3. Appearance. For looks, it’s hard to beat a decorative wrought iron fence surrounding your pool. However, if wrought iron isn’t your thing, there are a lot of other options to choose from to enhance the appearance of your home.
  4. Affordability.  You may not have a large budget for a top-of-the-line fence. As always, the amount of money you have to spend looms over all decisions, however it should NEVER be the final decision maker. In this economy it does not hurt to inquire as to whether there are any available discounts, coupons or special offers available. It may benefit you to consider doing what you may consider a “summer” project in the Fall or early Spring as there is more potential for savings. It may surprise you that what you thought was beyond your budget has suddenly become “in the budget.”

Fortunately, these goals aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s not hard to find a swimming pool fence that addresses more than one need. The challenge is finding one that meets all of them.

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