It is essential as a NJ pool owner to help keep your pool clean. Proper circulation of the water allows the chemicals to keep the water sanitized and crystal clear.

There are 3 types of Pool Filters:

  1. Sand Filter
  2. DE – Diatomaceous Earth Filter
  3. Cartridge Filter

Sand Filters

sand filter New Jersey

Sand Filters are the easiest to use of all the pool filters. Operation of a sand filter is very basic, but excellent at performing the task of removing dirt & debris from your pool.

Pool water is pumped into the filter and the sand traps any contaminants. Pool water must make its way through the tightly compacted sand where unwanted visitors remain.

A sand filter is more efficient when slightly dirty and should only be back-washed when pressure increased 7-10 pounds over normal operating pressure.  Dirt is removed from the sand filter by back-washing or reversing the water flow. A sand filter should have its sand changed every 3-5 years.

DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filters

de filter New Jersey

A DE Filter will give your pool the cleanest water of all the pool filters.

Just like a sand filter, a DE Filter is cleaned by the process of back-washing, which is done when pressure increases 7-10 pounds over normal operating pressure. Once the DE filter had been back-washed, new DE powder must be added through the skimmer. The grids in a DE filter should be thoroughly cleaned every year as well as inspected for any tears or rips in the grids.

Cartridge Filter

cartidge filter New Jersey

A Cartridge filter has the highest capacity of any pool filter, it is a hybrid of all the others. A Cartridge filter only needs to be cleaned 2 times per year. Dirt & debris need to be removed from cartridge(s) when pressure increases 7-10 pounds over normal operating pressure.

It is recommended that cartridges are soaked in a filter cleaner for a minimum of 12 hours, rinsed in cold water and fully dried before reinstalling. Tip- keep a spare cartridge(s) on hand so you may interchange when cleaning.

Your pool filter is the catalyst behind clean and clear pool water. Proper maintenance of your pool filter will allow you to enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come