Elite’s process for locating a pool leak

The process we use is simpler than it sounds. First, we begin by gathering detailed information about the pool from either the homeowner or a trade professional. This information helps us to access the situation. 

Next a leak specialist inspects the pool performing the tests necessary to locate the pool leak and to determine the most economical way to solve this problem the first time. 

Tests that may be performed are:

  • A dye test near all fittings and areas prone to leaks
  • A pressure test of the pool lines
  • An acoustic leak verification
  • A Scuba Dive

Areas in your pool prone to leaks

  • PLUMBING – Often pool plumbing systems are the source of your pool leak for several reasons. These include but are not limited to the pipe material used, original installation quality, age of the pipes, how the pool plumbing was configured, soil conditions to name a few.
  • RETURNS – Very common and are usually due to a faulty gasket, a leak in the pipe or the fitting itself.
  • SKIMMERS – Cracks in the skimmer or in the pipe connected to the base are also very common. The most common reasons for a leak here is materials used, age and settling.
  • POOL LIGHTS – Leaks found in or at the light are usually in the conduit line used to house the light power cord, in the concrete surrounding the light or if a vinyl liner it can leak where the fixture meets the liner. 
  • POOL SURFACE CRACKS – Most are simply cosmetic in nature, however sometimes they may allude to a more serious problem. Settling, ground shifts, erosion, draining the pool or exposure to the elements for a long period of time may cause cracking in the pool surface. Any cracks found in a pool should be carefully checked by a trained professional. 

Remember a Vinyl Liner pool MUST have water in them at ALL TIMES! Stop this test if you have a vinyl liner pool and your water level is dropping rapidly. Start adding water to the pool and CALL US. 


For more information on pool leaks please read A pool owners guide to leak detection.

Elite is here to help. If you feel strongly that your pool does indeed have a leak, please do not hesitate to call us