All pool owners have an opinion of how their pools should be cared for. This is because pools tend to be as unique as their owners – each one requiring different techniques to keep them clean and running properly according to features, environment, etc. Instead of giving you tips on how to maintain your pool, in this article I want to dispel a few myths of pool ownership.

#1 Pools are too expensive to maintain

In years past it would cost you almost as much to run the pool pump as it would to run an air conditioner, BUT with today’s technology in efficient variable speed pumps and filters, a homeowner can save a great deal of money!

#2 Pools are not energy efficient

Today’s pool pumps, filters, etc. are more energy efficient than ever – using up to 30% less power than in the past. Today there is also the option to use solar power with your pool specifically with the heater.

#3 Salt Water pools don’t require any other chemicals

Many pool owners are converting to salt water pools, mainly because they believe they will not need to add any other chemicals to the pool. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE! Whether a pool is salt water generated or not, the water MUST be balanced for bather comfort as well as care of pool and equipment. What people don’t know is that a Salt Generator separates the sodium & chlorine modules in the salt and it’s chlorine that is produced that actually sanitizes the pool.

#4 The best way to clean the pool is to drain it

I am sure it seems logical that the best way to clean a green pool is to brush the walls, drain and refill it, BUT it may not be! It is costly to replace that amount of water and by draining the pool, you could possibly cause structural damage. The best way to go from green to clean (if you can see the bottom of the pool) is to add the proper chemicals, scrub and vacuum it.

#5 The time of day you add the chemicals doesn’t matter

The best time to add chemicals is at the end of the day when the sun is going down. This is due to the fact that the UV rays reduce the effectiveness of some of the chemicals, specifically chlorine. Also there is less interaction with swimmers at night than during the day.

#6 You can use baking soda in your pool

FALSE!!! Many pool owners attempt to use baking soda in order to raise the PH , but this should not take the place of soda ash, as it is a different chemical makeup than sodium bicarbonate. It is always best to use professional chemicals to prevent damage to the pool’s water or structure.

A pool is an investment, so before you take any tips from an amateur – BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH!