• Owning a Pool in Kendall Park, NJ can sometimes be difficult, especially if we have had a harsh Winter. However, when you remove your pool cover and you are greeted with a clean, sparkling pool it only makes you smile thinking of all the fun you and your family will enjoy this Summer.


For a Kendall park NJ pool owner, just being aware of the work involved in a pool opening, is quite stressful, but at Elite LSPS, we can eliminate that stress so you can enjoy your pool. 

Pool opening process

We at Elite LSPS do more than strictly put in the pool plugs & start your pool equipment when your Kendall Park NJ pool is opened. Our technicians take pride in their work as well as in your pool performing the following additional services at the time of opening:

  • Check for visible leaks and/or possible restrictions
  • Check salt generator chlorine output
  • Verify that the automated system is functioning and calibrated properly

Having swim ready pool water all year doesn’t just happen 

A typical Kendall Park NJ pool opening will include:

  • Remove cover, fold & put away*
  • Remove Winter pool plugs
  • Install suction & return fittings
  • Install equipment Summer plugs
  • Install pump & skimmer baskets
  • Start pool equipment
  • Attempt to light heater ( we will leave off when tech has left)
  • *Chlorine * pools – up to 3 lbs of shock & algea 10
  • ” Salt water* pools – up to 3 lbs shock, algea 10 as well as testing for salt chlorine level and adding salt as needed for proper sanitation level at an additional cost of $22 per bag
  • Install handrails and pool ladders

Additional Services Available Upon Request

  • Install pool safety fence ( does not include alterations or missing damaged parts)                                                   Starts @                      $75
  • Testing & balancing pool water for bather comfort ( ELSPS chemicals must be used)                                                  Prices are per lb and/or QT
  • Water testing only                                                                                   $35
  • Clean DE filter                                                                                          $149
  • Vacuum pool (bottom must be visible)       Rate is per hour          $150
  • Treat Algae ( based on visibility & algae type)

We at Elite LSPS offer a level of professional yet personalized service that for over 27 years has had Kendall Park NJ pool owners scheduling their pool openings with us. 

Kendall Park NJ – Pool Closing

From the date of pool opening to the final swim of the season, the professionals at Elite LSPS are here to guide you and your pool through the Summer. As the cold weather approaches, our pool closing service readies your pool for the Winter.

The way your pool is closed has a huge impact on the amount of time and effort it will take to have a clean pool in the Spring. Why not leave it to the professionals at Elite LSPS to close your pool this year.

A pool closing in Kendall Park NJ will typically consist of:

  • Drain pump/ filter/ heater & salt system of water
  • Plug returns & skimmers
  • Remove pump & skimmer baskets
  • Remove pool ladders & handrails
  • Inspect & install Winter cover
  • Add Winter shock & Algeacide

( * Any missing or damaged parts will be replaced at an additional charge)

Services Available Upon request

  • Vacuum pool               Rates are per hour                                $150
  • Clean DE Filter                                                                             $149


When should I close my pool?

When the temperatures are consistently at 65 degrees it is time to close the pool.  If you have trees near your pool, the falling leaves are definitely the enemy of your pool. We at Elite LSPS recommend closing the pool before the leaves start falling and clog the filtration system of your pool.

By closing the pool during this time, it minimizes and/or prevents algea growth. I mean, do you really want to pull back the cover of your Kendall Park NJ pool in the Spring only to find a green swamp?

To get a quote on the opening, closing or any of our other services, fill out our contact us form or simply call our office (732) 257-0702. While you have a representative on the line, why not schedule your next service with our certified professionals!

Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas is the ONLY Company offering the residents of Kendall Park the following Professional Services:

The above pool service is performed with a knowledge & professionalism that may only be found by letting E.L.S.P.S. show you how it WILL be Edison’s “ONE STOP WATER SHOP.”