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Your pool pump is one of the most important components of the pool’s plumbing. The pool pumps job is to create pressure in the pool, forcing the water to flow through the filter. Without a pool pump, your pool will rapidly become a scum filled swamp.

Unfortunately, there are times your pool pump will not work properly. The purpose of this blog is to cover the most common issues I hear from pool owners.

My Pump isn’t Pulling Water

If no water is moving, your going to want to check the pump and skimmer baskets to ensure they are free of any restrictions. Next check if the filter is clean, backwash if needed. If all the above are clean and free of debris, the next step would be to check the impeller. It is common in the Spring for the impeller to occasionally become clogged.

A major cause of pump suction loss is an air leak. If the pump doesn’t want to prime, this may be the cause. Although a pump is made to suck water, it will suck air if given the opportunity.


My Pump Seems to be Leaking Water

If you can visibly see your pool pump leaking water, it is probably on the pressure side of the pump. Causes for this leak may be:

  • Bad Impeller Housing O-ring
  • Bad Shaft Seal
  • Bad Thread sealant on Discharge Pipe


Pump Will Either Not Work or Will Shut off After a Period of Time

This may be caused by a great many things. Check for power to the motor of the pump. Check the breaker and ensure it is set properly. If there is power, check for any odd sounds. Is there a hum, a squealing or clicking noise?

If the motor id turning off after running for a period of time, it might be overheating. This can be caused by fan failure or vent blockage.


Loud Noises Coming from Pump/Motor

If it sounds like ther are rocks in it, this could be from vibration on the pad. A rubber mat underneath may resolve this issue.

If the pump is making a squealing noise, the bearings are probably bad. Bearings assist in reducing the friction as electro magnates make motor shaft spin, these are high wear & tear items.


Pump/Motor Sucking Air

Pool pumps should be air tight. In a clear pump, you should see no air in the basket of the pump. Small air leaks are fairly common, so never seeing “air” in basket is rare. If an air leak is allowed to become to large, it will create problems with circulation or keeping pump primed.

The most common cause for an air leak are:

  • Loose Pump Lid
  • Bad Pump Lid O-ring
  • Ill fitting Drain Plug
  • Leaky valve Stem
  • Plumbing Break

Remember all air leaks originate before the impeller.


So now you have it, the 5 most common pool pump issues we at Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas of NJ resolve most. They are aggravating, but common and usually may be resolved fairly quickly.


Happy Swimming!