Do you find your backyard boring and outdated? An In-ground Vinyl Pool approximately every 20 years or so could use a a face-lift to keep up with the wrath of Mother Nature, and the ever changing style whims. Vinyl Liner pool kits have come a long way in 20 years!

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I myself believe that a pool renovation is an investment not only in your property but in your pool. It will definitely add value to your home. Remember your pool was expensive to build to your liking, and with the ever growing inflation, any renovation nay seem almost as costly as the original build.  But remember, the original investment you made in your swimming pool will last only so long. So to prevent deterioration, , as well as to keep your pool fun and inviting, you will definitely want to reinvest in your pool.

My plan in this blog post is to show you some of the great ways you can reinvest and reinvent your pool for the upcoming season.

Replace Existing Vinyl Liner

If by chance your pool when built came with a basic blue liner. or if the liner in your pool is beginning to show its age, replacing with a fresh new liner with one of the newer designs is one the most basic renovations reformed and in some cases may be completed in 1 to 2 days. While the liner is being replaced, this is a great time to inspect the walls for any rust or other damage. By using a wall foam on crusty, rusty or just plain dusty pool wall is a great idea to protect the investment of your new pool liner.

liner replace

Add a Slide for the Kids

Sliding boards for pools are becoming extremely popular. Pool Slides today come in many different designs and heights. They have shorter spiral designs as well as heights up to 9′ to add some fun and interest to the pool.  If you like water park like thrills, the installation of a pool slide may be a perfect add on to your pool. Please note that adding a slide usually requires a lot of deck space and a very specific water depth.

pool slide

Update The Pool Deck

Updating the look of your pool deck can have the most dramatic effect overall of your pool and patio area. Basic concrete is so last year that most pool builders now are using paver designs which can be done at a cost similar to concrete. Other available options are Stamp Crete in which the designs are literally stamped into a new concrete deck or other floor tiles. Natural stone decks, such as flagstone are becoming quite popular.

When replacing the pool deck, it enables the replacement of the pool coping as well. Vinyl Pools can know use stone or brick coping same as a concrete pool. A cantilevered deck, which floats over a pool wall so the pool deck and coping are one unit.

For an existing concrete deck, a new pool deck coating can give a beautiful, unique albeit temporary face-lift , while spray on cement coatings, can add a colored Kool Deck type of textured finish to any standard pool deck.


Installing a New Pump and Filter

If your pump and filter are close to 20 years old (if they have lasted that long your doing great!), they may be tired , undersized or inefficient. Upgrading your equipment to a variable speed or dual speed pump not only will save you money and energy. Heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels and have zero emissions.

Princeton Swimming Pool Service | Central NJ Pool & Spa        Princeton Swimming Pool Service | Central NJ Pool & Spa


Alternative Sanitizer Systems

Most pools being built today are completed by having a Salt Generator added.  Adding salt to the pool and then the little chlorine factory creates chlorine through a process called hydrolysis. They are amazing devices. Mind you there are other devices that are worth mentioning such as Natures 2 purifiers, which uses trace minerals to reduce the consumption of chlorine by close to half. An Ozonator is yet another option which uses the power of oxygen to sanitize the water as well as reducing the amount of chlorine used.


Princeton Swimming Pool Service | Central NJ Pool & Spa

A water feature could range from a laminar deck jet that will shoot a sharp stream of water , to a sheet waterfall and cascades over boulders adding a lush sound of falling water can seriously boost your ambiance around the pool.  LED lighting is now the way to go if you wish to add some color to your pool area at night.

Princeton Swimming Pool Service | Central NJ Pool & Spa

In addition to all of the above ideas for renovations, revamping or just adding some pizzazz to your pool, you may want to take a quick peek at the landscaping around the pool, there is a good chance there is some trimming and sprucing up that could be done, there usually is. If I am not overstepping, no pool renovation is complete without paying attention to the comfort of your self, your family and your friends that will lounge around the pool area. Outdoor living rooms, outdoor dining areas and outdoor kitchens have become very popular with a high-end pool renovations. Did I mention how great it would be to have a swim up bar?

Like I mentioned at the very beginning of this post, pool vinyl liners as well as alternate pool renovations have come a long long way in the past 20 years!!


As always the experts a ELSPS are always available to answer any questions you my have or to give you a free consultation of the endless possibilities of the options of givng you pool a new look.


Summer is so close but still so far. If you are thinking of any type of renovation, the time to start thinking about it is now.


As always Happy Swimming!