Matawan Pool Services

Well, it’s September, can you believe it? The kiddies are back to school. The mornings are becoming a bit cooler. I guess you know what time it is don’t you? TIME TO DO A FALL POOL SAFETY SCAN!

Checking your pool for safety and equipment concerns is a good idea and makes sense if you think about it. Its sort of like checking the batteries in your home’s fire alarms, why risk a situation that could prove costly or at the worst cause harm.

When you had your pool initially installed, several layers of protection where put in place, these are there to protect everyone from family, friends, pets, wildlife and the innocent non-swimmers whom may be around your pool. Do yourself a huge favor and check the following areas of your pool:


  1. Do your gates swing open away from pool?
  2. Are there any furniture, trees, etc that would allow someone to climb over the fence?
  3. Where is the gate latch located, at the top, the middle or bottom of gate?
  4. Does your fence have any openings greater than 2 1/2″ to allow for a foothold to climb over?
  5. Is your gate have a self-closing and self latching?
  6. If you have internal fencing or gates directly around the pool, are they in good condition? Do they require any repairs?
  7. Are there any gaps in the upright fence slats or at bottom of fence larger than 3″?

Pool Cover

  1. A solid pool cover is NOT safe, make sure these types of covers are properly secured at all times and properly cleaned.
  2. Mesh safety covers should be anchored properly and all openings sealed off
  3. Prior to swimming, any solar blankets/covers should be fully removed from pool area
  4. Solid safety covers should be anchored properly and repaired if any rips or tears present.

Pool Equipment

  1. Is all electrical equipment in good repair?
  2. Are your breaker boxes, pool timers or switches in good working order and protected from the weather?
  3. Now is the time to ensure your ladders, handrails, diving boards and slides are all secure and not loose or missing treads.
  4. Do you have a properly installed GFCI?
  5. Do you have pool rescue equipment near the pool?

Pool Chemicals

  1. Are all pool chemicals kept in a secure area away from children that is cool and dry?
  2. Are your pool chemicals properly separated to prevent accidental mixing or possible fire hazards?

Pool Deck Area

  1. Is your pool deck free of trip hazards, low spots that collect water or slabs that are not lining up?
  2. Is your pool deck free of furniture or pool toys that may cause a slip or fall?
  3. Is your pool deck free of visual obstructions?
  4. Is the pool coping loose? Is the pool liner coming away from coping?
  5. Is your pool landscaping overgrown, blocking the pool area from a clear view?

By checking the above areas of your pool at a minimum of twice a year, you can correct any problems that may cause injury or damage. By checking your pool, you will be able to enjoy your pool and save money!