An alarming number of accidental deaths of children are caused in or around residential pools.  Having a safety cover can help in the off-season in prevention, but…are they better than a pool safety fence?

Most pool owners know that a cover can keep the pool clean over the winter, but most pool covers are no defense against accidental drowning, as a matter of fact, solid winter covers will sink under the weight of a child, trapping them underneath.

A safety cover however has heavy duty straps that are anchored into the deck. To be called a safety cover, it must be able to hold approximately 350 lbs per square foot. Most adults, children and pets can easily walk across a safety cover when properly installed.  The key is “PROPERLY INSTALLED”, children can drown in as little as 2″ of water. Improperly installed safety covers can be just as dangerous.

A pool safety fence needs to be closed properly to be effective, but this will take all of 2-4 seconds at the most. A child can drown in the couple of minutes it takes to run into the house. Pool covers can be left open or undone by adults, but a pool safety fence can be locked to keep children out.

A pool safety cover is great as a secondary protector against accidental drowning, but there is no safeguard better than a pool safety fence surrounding your pool.