Pool Safety is a top priority in the swimming pool industry as it should be. Each year there are many pool related accidents around New Jersey. Proper knowledge as well as the practice of pool safety may drastically reduce these accidents.

Many people feel they don’t have time to learn about proper pool safety, this shouldn’t be seen as a burden for a pool owner, it should be a MUST!

Maintenance Safety

Expired pool chemicals may be extremely harmful to you and your pool. Upon opening your pool is the best time to see if you have everything you need for pool safety.

Pool chemicals need to be stored in a cool, dry place at or below eye level, and well ventilated. Chemicals should NEVER be stored in direct sunlight. An whatever you do NEVER EVER store pool oxidizers and acids near one another!


Product Safety

This is a good time to check drain covers, skimmer lids and water outlets for cracks. Tighten any loose outlets, replace any cracked or broken pool parts.

The Pool Opening is a great time to update, install or maintenance any pool safety fence, safety net, safety cover or any other safety equipment.

Knowing proper pool safety and having all your safety equipment  & pool parts in good working order as well as safely storing and maintaining up to date chemicals can save lives and extend you swimming fun in the sun.

Enjoy and be safe!