Why Pool Maintenance Service is Worth it!

Many pool owners will neglect maintaining their swimming pool. While keeping everything running at 100% may not seem like a necessity, it’s more important than one may think. Maintaining a swimming pool can be a lot of hard, time-consuming work which not everyone can be on top of. This is where hiring someone for pool […]

Do you need a Lawn Sprinkler Repair Service?

  Signs You Need a Lawn Sprinkler Repair Now that spring is in high blast and summer is approaching, you will need to start thinking about your lawn sprinkler.  Are your sprinklers all running up to par? Maybe, however you’re not sure if you are in need of sprinkler repair service. Here are a few […]

Why you should hire a pool professional for your pool care needs

With the Summer season fast approaching it is that time of year to get your pool ready to enjoy those long hot days. While owning a pool can be fun, it is also a lot of responsibility which is why it is best to leave pool maintenance to the pool professionals. Why do you need […]

7 Common Pool Care Mistakes

Proper pool care is a time consuming chore. It also requires the requisite knowledge, experience and expertise to keep your pool swim ready at all times. Proper and regular pool care not only improves the overall lifespan of your pool, but it also saves you lots of money! In reality it is almost impossible for […]

#1 Reason for a Pool Safety Fence

POOL SAFETY WHY IT’S IMPORTANT! I am writing this blog as a Parent, and the owner of a swimming pool. I cannot stress enough the reasons for providing our children, friends, family and our fur babies with proper pool safety. I read an article this morning and was horrified that this happened. I cannot imagine […]

Inground Pool Winter Maintenance – What you should know

What you should know to properly maintain your In-ground pool over the winter Solid Water Bag Cover Replace any broken water tubes as soon as possible. It is recommended to have at least 5 extra water tubes just in case. Having the correct amount of water tubes in good condition is important as they hold […]

Elite Pools DIY Pool Closing Checklist

Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas has compiled a Pool Closing Checklist for all our DIY pool owners. Unfortunately, Summer is almost over in New Jersey. Part of owning a pool is preparing for those months that the pool will not be used do to cold weather. In New Jersey, we must Winterize or “Close” […]

Crash Course In Pool Sand Filtration Options Available Today

Sand Filter Options Today Those of us whom own a sand filter, know that a routine part of this ownership is to backwash, but there are times when a backwash just isn’t good enough. Sometimes, it is useful to deeply clean a sand filter, especially when the material becomes clumped together or channels develop within […]

Brain Eating Amoeba kills 18 year old

As last minute family vacations are at an all time high this time of year, I found this interesting. Poor filtration, inadequate sanitizer to blame in death at No Carolina aquatic facility A year to the day after 18 year old Lauren Seitz succumbed to infection from a brain- eating amoeba, her family filed a […]

Tips on Choosing an Irrigation Service Company

Adding an irrigation sprinkler system to your home can increase your property value by up to 18 percent. This increase is largely due to the curb appeal having a sprinkler system creates. It is important to have a well-designed layout and an efficient system that will eliminate run-off, save water and reduce your costs in […]