Swimming Pool Inspections in NJ – Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools and Spas

Are you in the process of buying a new home? Does that home have a swimming pool? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, there are a few things you need to know.

Have a Pool Inspection Performed by a Pool Professional

As the swimming pool tends to be a valuable asset to the property, you will want to know prior to closing if there are any safety, performance or maintenance issues which may be costly to address.

Do Not Rely on the Home Inspector

Home buyers (especially first time buyers) tend to assume the Home Inspector will automatically cover the pool inspection, unfortunately this is usually not the case and therefore this inspection is rarely performed and these home buyers find out later and sometimes often costly there were issues with the pool. On that rare occasion that the Home Inspector does inspect the swimming pool, most likely he or she doesn’t have the experience in the restoration, repair or maintenance of a pool and therefore are not qualified to perform this inspection. I know I wouldn’t ask my pool guy to inspect or repair the foundation of the house, so it stands to reason the Home Inspector probably isn’t the best choice for the Pool Inspection. Even if the Home Inspection does cover the pool, if you read the report carefully, there is usually a disclaimer covering the pool.

Pools are Complex

There are a lot of components to a pool that should be looked at during the time of inspection:

  • Do Fence and Gates meet Pool Code?
  • Overall Condition of the Pool
  • Are there any Safety Issues with Pool and Surrounding Area?
  • Are there any Leaks in Pool, Plumbing or Equipment?
  • Operation of Equipment
  • Pool Deck Area
  • Does Main Drain meet the Virginia Baker Act?
  • Water Features are connected and functioning properly
  • Estimate provided on any issues found

Remember, you are purchasing the swimming pool “as is” so prior to closing you will want to know what you are getting yourself into, before it is too late. If there are any issues with the swimming pool, money may either be negotiated from the purchase price or money may be held in escrow in order to cover the cost of these repairs.

Pool Inspections with Leak Detection– A Glimpse at the Process

Elite will provide a comprehensive written report for all swimming pool inspections based on the following:

  • Fences and gates meet local codes
  • Pool decking is in satisfactory condition
  • Equipment is in satisfactory condition
  • Pool & equipment meet safety requirements
  • Leak detection
  • Overall condition of pool, surrounding area, steps, water features and fencing

What Elite needs to perform a full swimming pool inspection:
(please note: a complete inspection can take up to 5 days to complete)

  • Pool cover must be off pool
  • Pool must be opened and pool equipment running
  • Pool must be clean and water clear
  • Access to pool for up to 5 days



NJ HIC LICENSE #13VH86884300