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Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas services residential pools in East Brunswick, NJ and most surrounding areas. For a complete list of our service area visit our Areas we Serve page. Most  pool openings in NJ are performed April, May & June, depending on the type of pool cover currently used. 

If your pool has been properly closed and maintained over the long Winter months, preparing your pool for the Summer should be less costly and time consuming. Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas offers reliable pool openings in your area starting at $265. If you are interested in more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our Customer Service Representatives Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at (732) 257-0702.

Don’t worry if your pool hasn’t been opened in 2 or more years, Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas has you “Un-Covered”! Although it is difficult to quote this service as it may require multiple visits to clean, it is safe to say these services start at approximately $500.00*. Our Green to Clean page has more information on this type of service.

What Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas, LLC. will do upon the opening of your pool:

  • Remove (1) cover from pool*
  • Reassemble & start up pool equipment (filter and pump(s))
  • Remove winter plugs
  • Reassemble automatic pool cleaner
  • Reassemble handrails & ladders
  • Install Summer pool fittings
  • Professionally test water for bather comfort if requested*
  • Perform a 10 point inspection
  • Light heater*

*Note – Any repairs or parts needed to complete the pool opening shall be installed and or performed at opening. ELSPS technicians will not leave a pool which has a malfunctioning system running and do not leave heaters on. If pool cover is solid with water bags and all water not removed from cover, ELSPS will NOT remove cover.

Additional Charges depending on Pool Equipment

  • Cable System
  • In-floor Paramount System
  • Attached Spa
  • Clean or Inspect Filter*
  • One time Vacuuming at Opening*
  • Additional Filter or Pump
  • Spill Over Spa
  • Waterfall
  • Pool Slide|Grotto
  • Water|Debris Removal*

Services Added to Opening Upon Request

  • Clean |Inspect Filter
  • Opening Chemical Kit (Shock & Qt. Algaecide 10)             
  • One- time Vacuuming (per hour)
  • Balance Pool Water Chemistry*(ELSPS will not add customers chemicals)

Customer at Time of Opening should:

  • Leave access to pool area and have clear of any hazards
  • Power available
  • Water in pool shall be MID-Skimmer (Equipment will NOT be tested if water level not at mid-skimmer*)
  • Leave storage container for all winter fittings, etc on pool deck
  • Have outside water turned on and hose available
  • Any pets shall be in the home or otherwise properly secured

*Note – A return trip charge shall be charged for technician to return to test equipment if water is not mid-skimmer at time of opening.

Opening Chemical Kit consists of Pool Shock and 1 Quart of Algaecide 10. Any chemicals needed to balance your pool water are an extra charge and available upon request, the balancing chemicals are not included in the pool opening. Filter cleaning is not included in pool opening price. Filter cleaning and vacuuming of pool performed by Elite must be scheduled at the time of pool opening or closing and will be done at an additional cost.

Elite Lawn Sprinklers,Pools and Spas, LLC has been opening pools in your NJ area since 1987. Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas provides our NJ clients with Pool Openings, Weekly Pool Butler Service, Pool Repair, Pool Leak Detection, Home buyers Pool Inspections and Pool Closings

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