Now most pool owners know that the filter is the key component of the pool filtration system, however, some pool owners do not realize that the filter should be cleaned periodically to ensure proper performance, which will keep the pool water clearer longer.

The importance of filter maintenance and cleaning will be explained in further detail based on filter type.

When your pool filter was 1st installed, the water easily passed through, The operating PSI was probably between 8 – 25. Overtime as your filter has been cleaning the debris from the pool water, it has occasionally been getting clogged, causing the PSI to increase. When the PSI is averaging 25% higher than the normal operating pressure, you will need to backwash and rinse your filter, no matter which type you have.

When cleaning a pool filter, the following steps are followed:

cartidge filter Cartridge Filter

  1. Turn pump off. If filter is below water level valves are closed to avoid draining the pool.
  2. The Air Bleeder Valve on top is opened along with the drain port on the bottom – allow filter to drain
  3. Open the filter body and remove cartridge(s). Making sure to note position.
  4. Rinse tank
  5. Using a garden hose, cartridges are washed
  6. Filter is reassembled
  7. Port drain is closed
  8. Reopening of any closed valves
  9. Pump is turned on
  10. Air Bleeder Valve is closed.

* If PSI after cleaning has not decrease to operating pressure, a more thorough cleaning or cartridge replacement may be required.

s244t  Sand Filter

  1. Turn pump off. Open waste/discharge line is open backwash hose is rolled out.
  2. Valve is turned to “Backwash” and pump is turned on
  3. Backwashing performed until sight glass or transparent pipe shows clear water change
  4. Filter “rinse” is performed for approximately 20 seconds
  5. Turn pump off and return valve to “filter”
  6. Turn pump on

* Pool will lose water during this process, so please check water level until back at operating level. If the PSI has not decreased, a sand change or lateral replacement may be required. Pool filter sand has a life expectancy of 3-5 years, so it is not uncommon that after several years this service may be required.

de filter DE Filter

  1. Backwash the filter
  2. Open the Air Relief Valve
  3. Remove filter grid assembly
  4. Using garden hose  spray down each grid piece. A filter cleaner/degreaser may be necessary.
  5. Clean out the filter tank
  6. Inspect o-ring
  7. Inspect grids
  8. Inspect Air Relief Valve
  9. Re-install filter grids
  10. Replace top half of filter and secure band
  11. Start up pump and recharge filter with correct amount of DE*

*De filters should be cleaned at least once per year.

Keeping an eye on your Pressure Gauge , performing the “Backwash” procedure and cleanings as needed will help in keeping the pool cleaner as well as extend the life of your filter.