I couldn’t wait to write this blog! This is a topic of many conversations I have at least 3-4 times per week.

Now I know we all want “THE BEST PRICE ” no matter what we are buying, I do to. I am a certified coupon clipper, so I understand completely, BUT, there is a big difference on saving money buying toilet paper and saving money when having a repair service performed, A BIG DIFFERENCE!

If you want Professional Service from the 1st phone call to the office to the time the Technician is finished with the repair, you simply CANNOT expect this from the lowest bidder. Well maybe some homeowners can. Live and Learn.

OK, lets think about this. If you call 5 different companies (some even call 2x that amount) and 4 of those companies are very close in price, this would be the “PREVAILING RATE.” Now if the 5th company comes in drastically cheaper…RUN. I mean think about it, why is their price so much cheaper than everyone else? How can they stay in business long term? How can they afford to provide good service? How can they afford proper insurance? Can they afford to be properly licensed? The answer is THEY CAN’T.

I cannot tell you how many times I have received the “Price Shopper” call and once the price is quoted they tell me “Let me check with my Husband/Wife and I will call you back”, this tells me they are more concerned with trying to save money than actual service (even though they are usually shocked when the service is poor.) I have homeowners calling so many companies they have no idea whom they have even spoken to. Isn’t your time worth more than that?

Again, I know saving money is great, I thoroughly enjoy it, but I’ve had so many clients call my office complaining after they went with the cheapest price that they can’t get a call back, they received unreliable shoddy service or that company just “disappeared.” Well instead of saying ” I TOLD YOU SO” , I offer them what they wanted all along, “PROFESSIONAL, HONEST & RELIABLE SERVICE!”

When it comes to the investments you have made in your home, like the sprinkler system, swimming pool, etc., it saves money in the long run to contact a Licensed, Insured Professional like the ones at Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas.

Happy Shopping and again be wary. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!