I’ve been working in the pool industry for over 15 years now, and have been a parent for those same 15 years. I am always reading and researching new technology, pool safety and everything related. What I find to be the most disturbing is getting a news feed or tweet that a child has drowned or nearly drowned in a swimming pool accident. In a recent report by the US Swimming Foundation, over 200 children ranging from the age of 1 to 14 drowned in a pool this past year. I don’t mean to scare you, but accidents do happen and what’s worse, in some cases they are 100% preventable! Don’t be the parent whom says “I don’t want to fence in my pool because I don’t like the way it looks” and has an unfortunate accident.

“Is my pool safe for my children, pets, family and friends?”

“Have I taken precautions if a neighborhood child were to gain access into my yard?”

Whether you think the answer is yes or not, PLEASE take the time to read the suggestions below. Remember…IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!


Make sure you have PROPER Safety Precautions in Place

  1. 1- Have at least a 4′ fence around your yard with a self-latching gate that opens AWAY from the yard. Consider a pool safety fence as well as a fence around the yard is actually only protecting others, NOT your children, pets, family or friends once they are already in your yard.
  2. If you own a hot tub make sure your cover is in good condition and locked when not in use.
  3. If you use a house door as a “side” of your pool fence, make sure you have doors locked and preferably have door alarms active when smaller children are in the home.
  4. Be sure your pool and spa drains are fully compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act anti-entrapment laws.

Practice & Teach Pool Safety Steps

  1. Make sure your child is taught to swim
  2. Learn CPR for Children & Adults
  3. ALWAYS supervise when any child is playing near a pool area!
  4. Teach children basic safety steps
  5. Don’t allow children to play near pool drains or pipes
  6. NEVER  allow solo swimming

If you have read these tips on keeping safe and you incorporate them into your life, you are greatly reducing the risk of a pool accident occurring.

As always, BE SAFE, take precautions and ENJOY YOUR POOL!!!

Happy Swimming!