Before you even discuss calling a Fence Company, ask yourself these few questions so that you and the fence professional know what you need. It is very easy to get an inaccurate estimate if you don’t know what you need or what you want.


1. What are you using the fence for?

Are you containing your dog, looking for privacy, protecting your children, property line delineation or pool safety?


2. How much fence do you need?

This can be a guess. I hear quite often “I’m not sure I guess alot.” Usually fencing around the area you need is sufficient.


3. What style(s) are you interested in?

There are so many, Wood, Ornamental, Chainlink, PVC and Pool Safety Fence. It can become very confusing having a bunch of options and prices thrown at you, so having an idea of what you want can make things much less confusing and  stressful.


4. Do you have a budget?

If your price range is limited, please be up front with the fence professional. You’ve heard the expression “Caviar taste and a beer wallet?” It is frustrating for both you and the fence pro to price a job that is out of the budget, you may love the idea, but is it worth breaking the bank? Usually no.


Once you have an answer to most of these questions, you are ready to call in a fence professional like the ones at Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas to discuss the type of fence that will work best for your needs.