Caring and owning a lawn sprinkler is very similar to maintaining your car or other vehicle. There are numerous working parts that are working hard and frequently. These parts do wear down and break due to normal wear & tear and basic maintenance can help to extend the longevity of certain components for your lawn sprinkler just as it does your vehicle. Now, I am NOT a mechanic, and I do not try to be either, but I AM an Irrigation Specialist and I know how to design, build, manage and care for lawn sprinkler systems.

Because we have come so far in modern technology, many things such as our cars and lawn sprinkler systems have become too complex for the average person whom does not specialize in that field. Fortunately just as with your car, there are a few basic things that the average person can do themselves to help maintain and upkeep their lawn sprinkler systems. I have created a list below of a few things you can do yourself to help maintain, preserve and utilize your lawn sprinkler system efficiently.

  1. You should routinely do a “walk through” of your sprinkler system
  2. During your walk through, you should be making adjustments to any heads that may be out of adjustments
  3. Using some type of marker (small flag, stick) mark the clogged heads, possible leaks, or other problems with the system
  4. Take note of any PVC pipe breaks
  5. Mark any broken sprinkler heads
  6. Flush out any clogged heads
  7. Check your controller program to ensure it is set for maximum efficiency.

A good rule of thumb is to run the sprinkler system once every 3 days, however there are many factors such as soil condition, soil type, climate, sprinkler system layout and weather conditions that must go into configuring the proper timing schedule. As an example when it is 90 degrees or higher for more than 3 days, you will want to water more frequently. If you step on your grass and it springs back up, then it really doesn’t need watering. Your lawn needs a dry out period in order become healthy.  A very common mistake I see is over-watering in combination with a fungus or grub issue being mistaken for a dry lawn.

Your sprinkler system should be checked at least every 2 months, and more frequently during the hot summer months. With a little bit of adjustment, some repairs and ensuring proper watering schedule is set, this will make a big difference not only in how your lawn looks, but a difference in your water bill as well.

Have a great Summer and ENJOY your lawns.