Pool Gate New Jersey

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has done a study that says nearly 400 children under the age of 15 annually die due to drowning in a pool.

Most New Jersey towns & cities require some form of fence surrounding the backyard or the pool area itself. You will want to check with your town for local ordinances to ensure you are complying with what is required around your pool.

In a recent study comparing fence types, it was found that having an immediate pool fence (isolation fence) prevented more children and pets from gaining access to the pool than a fence which encloses the property (perimeter fence). Chain link fencing has been found to be fairly easy for children to climb on and over to gain access to the pool. So whereas it allows an acceptable view of the yard, it also allows access for possible accidents.

The Guardian Pool Safety Fence utilizes a mesh fabric, that withstands breaking, tearing, climbing and pet claws. It also doesn’t allow a child to climb over. The pool safety fence provides a barrier, but won’t block the view of the pool area.

THE GATE IS THE WEAKEST LINK! The main function of the gate is to prevent children & pets from entering the pool area unattended. The gate is usually the most dangerous part of the fence if left open, unlocked or if it can be climbed. The pool safety gate by Guardian is made from the same mesh as the fence and has no bar on top to hold on to as well as the hinges being on a 45 degree angle preventing a foothold. No pool safety fence installed by Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas is installed without a self closing, self latching, key lockable gate. The peace of mind achieved by not worrying if the “access” gate has been left open or unsecured is priceless! With the lockable, self closing, self latching, frame-less gate installed with your fence, you may rest easier. Remember this is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for parental supervision.

self-closing-gate new jersey

Ornamental and chain link fencing is a permanent structure. Not only do your property taxes increase in NJ, if in the future any remodeling may be needed or wanted, part or all of the fence may need to be removed and new replaced when re-installed.

The posts of a pool safety fence are drilled into the pool decking of an in-ground pool with a sleeve holding it in place. With a screwdriver, the fence may be removed and stored easily if not in use. The holes of the Guardian pool safety fence drilled into the deck are the size of a dime, very similar to the anchors of a pool safety cover. If any remodeling is performed on the pool decking, new holes may be drilled to easily reinstall your existing safety fence, with much leaving less time for pool to be unprotected.

Deciding what fence is best for you and your family is an important decision. Here’s hoping this information has been helpful to you in making that decision.