Spring is finally here! The flowers are blossoming again and it looks all so beautiful outside. It is amazing how fast this season flys by, and it seems you don’t even have enough time to enjoy it before summer madness sets in. The best time to get your backyard ready for the warm summer months is right now- you don’t want to spend those warm months thinking about your yard and what to do to make it lovely, when you should spend that time out hiking or picnicking with your loved ones. Here is a checklist of stuff that can be done to get your backyard look breathtakingly beautiful this summer:

Your swimming pool should be cleaned up and ready. This involves more than just filling it up with clean water. Check for any leaks in the pool. Check to see that your filter and pump are in perfect working order. Take out all the leaves and debris. It is advisable to seek professional help to determine the mineral content of the water- the alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels, making sure that they are within acceptable limits.

Make sure you sprinklers are in perfect working condition. If they need to be fixed or repaired, get it done promptly. You need them spraying evenly in all directions in order to have your lawns looking just the way you want them to be.
Security is of paramount importance in any season, especially during summer months when most people are out having fun. So, clear your backyard off all sharp objects that could cause injuries and ensure that your fences are perfectly secure- especially the fence around the pool.

If you feel that these tasks are overwhelming and you need professional help with your swimming pools, sprinklers or fences, Elite Lawns can help. With several years of experience under our belt, there is virtually no situation that can’t be handled.