Located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, the township of East Brunswick has a population of just over 47,500 people. It is a little city that it perfectly sized, and it offers excellent, safe neighborhoods for families to live out the American dream in. When speaking of the homes and other residential or commercial real estate in the East Brunswick area, the places you will see are in quality areas of town, on prime property in great locations, and the homes and buildings themselves are stylish, well-maintained, and possess a great amount of curb-appeal.

With such attractive homes and neighborhoods, it is of extreme importance to keep your surrounding lawn and other landscaping in top condition. The watering of grass and other plants is vital in the maintenance process of yard care. It can be so time consuming to water your lawn and other yard plants with a hose; let’s be honest, with a large enough yard you could be doing that all day. One of the wisest moves you can make in lawn irrigation is to purchase and install a quality sprinkler system that is fitting with your personal yard care needs.

Spring is here. It is the perfect time to make a decision as to which road you should take in lawn care watering. Sprinkler systems are available to you in many forms; if you have a yard that is on the smaller side, a couple of units that are portable would be perfect. Just make sure to grab any other attachments that will allow you to do this if you need more than one. These units are turned on and off manually, and operate by being hooked to your hose.

You also have the option to purchase an underground sprinkler system unit that you install yourself. The right Do-It-Yourself system will not in anyway destroy your yard and should only take up a few hours of your time. You also have the option to install your underground sprinkler system using PVC pipe. Now this method is not as simple as the “belt method”, which is referred to above. This may cause more yard damage. Regardless, the proper way to have an underground sprinkler system installed is by hiring a professional from a company with the training and experience needed to properly install an underground sprinkler system on your property without damaging your landscape, and it will be properly placed to achieve the most effective irrigation for the size and shape of the area needing watered.

If you are thinking of a professional installation, we can help you. We will provide you with an honest consultation, proper recommendation, and work that is dependable, durable, and guaranteed. GET AN ESTIMATE TODAY!