When I think of water conservation, a swimming pool is usually something that doesn’t pop into my head. The conservation of water is serious and an issue we face on a daily basis in NJ. Pool owners should do their part as well throughout the season to conserve water when possible.

Pool Filter Maintenance

One of the biggest enemies of the pool owner in regards to water conservation is the pool filter. A clean pool filter can reduce any contaminants in your pool water to keep it pristine. BUT, when your filter is dirty, you must backwash the filter at minimum to clean it. It is recommended that once a year the filter be thoroughly cleaned.


Leaks or Cracks in the Pool

Cracks that are in our pool finish, foundation, pipes or valves can cause your pool to leak water. The smallest crack may allow a large amount of water to leak out of the pool.

It is important to check your pool as well as the equipment pad for visible cracks because a small crack that is not repaired will probably lead to a larger problem during the life of the pool.

If your pool is losing more than 1/2 – 1″ of water per week, there is a very good chance of your pool having a leak which could be in the foundation, the finish, the liner or the plumbing of the pool. It is important to have a leak detection performed in order to locate and repair the leak before a possible small leak becomes a potentially large leak or worse in the pool.


Pool Heaters

Lowering the temperature of your swimming pool heater during the Summer will reduce the amount of water that will evaporate from the pool, therefore you will be adding less water back into the pool to maintain proper operating level. Only drain your pool when it is absolutely necessary.


Paying attention to these simple steps will help you to conserve water and save money throughout the Howell, NJ pool season.


Happy Swimming!