The importance of your lawn sprinkler design cannot be exaggerated.  How your lawn sprinkler system is pieced together will directly impact how well it works, how much it will cost to build it as well a maintain and ease of future expansion.  A good design is the #1 factor when considering the long term value of your new lawn sprinkler system. Consider what I am about to tell you, as these tips will help you get more bang for your buck.

The initial costs are a small investment when you consider the overall life of your lawn sprinkler system. A good design allows for proper coverage, easier maintenance and ensures proper water conservation. A good design also considers how a system will be installed and tries to route piping where trenching will cause least amount of disturbance.

The design of a lawn sprinkler system should also address the issue of expandability by leaving the door open for any future changes or additions. You should put your lawn sprinkler together with the future in mind. Building your initial lawn sprinkler in such a way as to allow ease of expansion will cut down the time and most importantly the cost when the time comes to add on.

If you are researching a project that involves lawn sprinklers and would like more information about a good design, contact Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas. Our team of Licensed Professionals will assist you in discovering new options & technology that will make your project better in the first year as well as far into the future.