I know a lot of Pool Owners get frustrated when the swimming pool pump is not working correctly. When this occurs, it doesn’t automatically mean you must call a pool professional. I have compiled a few easy troubleshooting tips to try before calling a Pool Professional like Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools and Spas.


Troubleshooting your Pool Pump

A.  Problem – Failure to Pump

Pump will not prime – has too much air

B. Solution

  • Check suction pipe and valve glands on any suction gate valves
  • Make sure the lid on pump strainer is secure and that the lid gasket is in place
  • Make sure the water level in the pool is at operating level and skimmer is not drawing air


A. Problem – Pump will not Prime – Not enough Water

B. Solution

  • Make sure all suction lines, the pump strainer as well as the pump volute are filled with water
  • Ensure that valve on suction line is open and working
  • Check water level to make sure water is readily available though the skimmer


A. Problem – Pump Strainer Clogged

B. Solution

  • Clean the Pump Strainer Basket
  • Check to see if Pump Strainer Gasket is defective – Replace if necessary


Remember, when you are looking into the see-through lid , the pump should be full of water, with minimal if any air bubbles. If your pool pump is not full of water, or if you are seeing a significant amount of air bubbles, it is a sure sign that air is getting into the system.

The most common causes for this are:

  • Pool water level is too low
  • An O-ring is improperly seated on pump lid
  • An O-Ring is improperly seated on plumbing union
  • There is a loose plumbing connection


There are other causes, however these are the most common. If any of the above do not help in troubleshooting your Pool Pump, it is probably time to call a Pool Professional.

Happy Swimming!