Our backyard pools are aesthetically pleasing as well as being a healthy source of family fun, however, they may also pose an ever present danger of drowning. When it comes to ensuring our children are safe, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for adult supervision, but, since we all aren’t Superman and cannot be in all places at all times nor do we Mom’s have “Eyes in the Back of our Heads”, layers of safety are an absolute must.  Installing a pool safety fence has become the top choice of many pool owners.

Removable fencing is an attractive, convenient, safe solution that can encircle the entire pool area or be installed between your home and your pool. This type of fencing provides a climb resistant, nearly transparent barrier that can be left permanently in place or easily partially or fully removed to accommodate special circumstances. These removable pool safety fences are available in a variety of colors to enhance the beauty of your backyard oasis. The Gate is one of the most important pieces to your pool safety fence, this should be easy to use, unclimbable, self latching & closing as well as pass local pool codes. On those occasions that the pool safety fence is not in use, it may be rolled up for easy storage. These types of fences allow a clear view of the pool area while also maintaining the pleasing aesthetics of the surrounding area. This safety barrier shall offer you peace of mind as well as allowing your family full enjoyment of the pool area for many years.

self-closing-gate Patented Guardian Pool Fence Gate

A Guardian Pool Safety Fence adds a valuable layer of protection for your pool area. Again, while there is no substitute for adult supervision, the strong woven mesh fabric offers an unclimbable protection against entry of small children, pets or wildlife from nearing the pool’s edge. As added safeguards, Guardian has patented a self closing, self latching, unclimbable gate and also foothold resistant hinges at the gate. The sections are available in 3′, 6′. & 9′ pre-assembled lengths allowing a more custom installation. Guardians patented premier poles need only a 5/8″ hole (dime sized) drilled into deck for installation.  Plastic caps are available to plug deck holes when not in use.

Sleeve size comparision

Each year there are thousands of American Families whom suffer swimming pool tragedies, whether they be drownings or near drownings of small children. The majority of these deaths and injuries in water features involve small children aged 1 -3 and generally occur in a residential setting, and in most cases are preventable.

Many of the nearly 300 children under the age of 5 whom drown each year in backyard pools could be saved providing the homeowner fenced in the area surrounding the pool/water feature. Now anyone whom has, had or spoken with someone whom has cared for a child under the age of 5 will tell you they are fast. Children under the age of 5 are inquisitive and very impulsive, causing them to have a lack in a realistic sense of danger. It is these behaviors that make a pool a dangerous area for small children.

Barriers are not child proof, I am sure most of us remember Dennis the Menace? How many times has your child or a child you have watched placed themselves in harm’s way unintentionally to get that cookie on the counter, the toy placed on a shelf or the pretty shiny interesting item placed just out of reach? I know my son has done this, as I am sure I did also. So although these barriers are not completely childproof, they offer protection for those rare times when there is a lapse in adult supervision. They allow the parents that precious extra time to find the child before it is too late.

Pool Safety Fences should be installed so as to prohibit permanent structures, equipment or similar objects to be used to climb over the barrier. By installing the fence around the entire perimeter of the pool area rather than the house being the 4th side, it will offer more protection that having easier access from the home. The removable safety fence although meant to be removable, are usually locked into the deck so they cannot be removed by a child. Like any other fence around a pool, the safety fence should be at least 48″ high  (pool code) and the bottom barrier should not be more than 1″ off deck.

As the snow is finally melting, now is the time to begin looking into any Pool Safety Fence you may be considering. Remember a child can drown in as little as an inch of water and as the snow melts and water is collecting on the pool cover, the potential for a dangerous situation is there.

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