I just realized after some bad weather a few days ago that I could share some secrets with the residents of Princeton, NJ and well all lawn sprinkler owners in New Jersey.

Do you have a lawn sprinkler system and have ever tried to call a licensed professional service company during the hot summer to get any work done? Well, then you may have experienced some amount of frustration, whether due to lack of personnel answering the phones, no one calling you back or being told they can’t service you for almost a month. This can indeed be frustrating!

This seems to be happening more and more frequently with the licensed companies in New Jersey. This is primarily due to the growth in population as well as construction. The demand for new lawn sprinkler installations is higher than ever. Another reason is the fact that residents in Princeton, NJ have had enough of  “incompetent employees” being sent out just to make a buck or having to use companies whom are not knowledgeable in irrigation systems and continue to have the same problem.  However, while most companies love to install new systems, there is plenty of repair work left behind.

New homes are being built all the time, but what of the existing homes in Princeton, NJ and the surrounding areas whom have aging lawn sprinkler systems? These systems need repairs and routine maintenance. Also breaks and problems will inevitably occur that will need the attention of a licensed irrigation professional like Elite Lawn Sprinklers, Pools & Spas.

Many of the New Jersey companies are small local businesses whom can handle only a certain amount of work. Even the larger companies become flooded with work during the peak summer months. If your lawn sprinkler system ends up breaking down during a small drought or the heat of Summer, you could be in trouble!

As the owner of a lawn sprinkler service company, I am going to fill you in on a few secrets. Are you ready? You want to call at totally different times as the rest of the people whom are needing service. This is going to help you actually get a response and get the service you need faster. So, when does everyone else usually call? They tend to call on very hot, sunny days and usually after it has rained for a few days. These are the WORST times to call!

Not all of these companies have, can afford or see the importance of having a knowledgeable secretary, so keep in mind whom you may be calling. Most people will call on their day off, in the middle of the day when the contractor is either busy working and has his hands dirty if during the week or when the office may be closed on a weekend. Now if it was me, I would call 1st thing in the morning (between 7-9 a.m.), right around lunch time (11-12 pm) and again around the end of the day (3-5pm).

Do you want even better chances of reaching the office and getting faster service? Call on a rainy day. YES I did say rainy day! Why you may ask, well it is simple. Due to the fact that NO ONE else is thinking about watering their lawns, therefore, the phones aren’t ringing as much, and in some cases not at all!

Another good time to call is right around the time the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Anywhere from 2 weeks before they go back to 1 week after is a great time to call. Most lawn sprinkler companies slow down this time of year as this is the time when families in Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas are focused on getting the kids ready for back to school, taking last minute vacations or just getting everyone back on a routine.

The irrigation business generally picks up again about 2 weeks after the back to school rush is over and continues up to Thanksgiving in New Jersey. Then it slows to almost nothing until Spring.

So, if you find yourself having an issue in the Princeton, NJ area finding a licensed irrigation contractor whom can do the work for you, keep in mind and actually use these tips I have given you in this blog. Be different from the masses and experiencing quick & professional service should be a snap!