As a pool owner, I have personally witnessed the advantages of having a salt generator system in my own backyard. I figured if I am in the pool business and want to recommend a product to my clients, I should try it for myself for an honest prospective, so I did. Want to know what I found out? There is an overall cost savings, I no longer had to handle or store chlorine (which can be potentially hazardous) and I spent a lot less time maintaining my pool and more time enjoying it ( a plus in my business).

I, like you want to save money, I mean in this economy who doesn’t? Initially a salt generator can cost between $1400 – $2200* to have installed. The money saved on pool chemicals alone should return your investment within a few years. Chlorine is expensive and continues to become more costly while pool salt is less expensive. Over the summer, I went from spending almost $500 in chlorine products for my pool to spending around $100 for salt. Big difference.

My salt water pool is so much easier to maintain, I just poured the salt (by the way, NOT table salt) directly into the pool water. The salt dissolved very quickly, passed through the “cell” which through electrolysis transformed the salt into chlorine. My pool stays cleaner as i have a constant flow of chlorine in my pool at all times.

Since I switched to a salt generator I have also noticed that my swimsuits last longer, my skin is softer and I no longer have a “chlorine” smell in my pool.

So, if you are considering a salt generator for your pool, I recommend talking to your pool professional about the advantages. “Trust me, you won’t regret it!”