Imagine looking out at your pool cover and seeing a hole. Now you ask “What do I do?

It matters not if you have a basic winter cover or a safety cover, the repair will differ on just how big the hole is.  The next question you’ll ask is ” Do I repair it now or wait until Spring even in New Jersey?” I suggest you keep reading this blog.

Solid Cover Repair

If you are using water bags, and the tear is easily reached, a temporary fix would be highly recommended. You can either use duct tape (tried and true) or a patch kit. Both are simple peel & Stick solutions. If you can patch both sides of the hole, this will offer more strength. If the hole is in the center of the cover, you may have to wait until Spring.

Safety Cover Repair

Safety Covers are easier to repair provided the rip or tear isn’t too big. Most common rips or tears occur at the stress points of the cover (typically at corners.) A temporary fix could be duct tape, but to be honest you are much better off using a safety cover patch kit.

If you have a mesh safety cover, loosen the springs on one side and pull to the other side to patch over the pool deck.

Again if the hole is small and hard to reach, wait until the Spring. If your safety cover is in need of a major repair such as a panel or strap replacement, your pool professional should be able to send it in for a repair at the pool opening.

What if I don’t repair?

If you choose to not repair the hole when it is still manageable, guess what?… It gets larger! Possibly to the point where it cannot be repaired at all.

In the case of a solid cover, the water will accumulate on top of the cover and could cause it to fall into the pool. If you are not careful, you could easily pump out the water of the pool with the cover pump through that hole. NOT A GOOD THING!

A safety cover has a tightly woven fabric that helps in preventing an easy spreading of the material. The fabric could fray causing the hole to open more, allowing sunlight, debris or insects into the pool.

Can I get 1 more Year out of it?

The ideal time to think about getting a replacement cover is when the pool is opened. Don’t try to “get 1 more year out of it” thinking it will save you money. A weakened cover is more likely to fail in the cold months here in NJ. This could end up being more messy and more costly for you.

Why can’t I just Leave the Pool Uncovered?

Having a cover on the pool blocks out the sun, debris and insects from entering the pool. Leaving your pool exposed can potentially damage the liner or the finish of the pool.

Maintain Your Cover

In order for your cover to last awhile, it will require regular maintenance to keep as clean and dry as possible over the Winter. When yu open your pool, you should hose off your cover and allow to dry before storing it.

Following these guidelines will help keep your pool cover lasting longer, which is going to save you money in the long run.